Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring has sprung

I love spring. There's nothing like the warm days, but cool air, the sprouts coming up again this year planted years ago, some by unknown people, some by us. Lovingly planted to come each year to remind us, no matter if the kids stomp them to bits, they will come again to grace our yard. So many shades of green, the wonderful color of life.

Out we went today to enjoy the sun, riding bikes, scooters, trying out the pogo stick, just having some fun. Everyone joined in and the kids were having a blast. Kat got to try out her Christmas bike, the girl finally has some legs to fit a bigger bike :)

Our college kiddos, Chinese friendship students came yesterday and helped us with some translation issues we needed to address. Will, Tony and Emily. They did a great job talking with our Chloe, it seems she needed to hear a few things. She very much does not want anything to do with Chinese but she was willing to talk with them. I wanted to be sure she is happy ( she is) I needed to see if she understood some things ( she does now) and if there was anything I should know.

WELL, it seems Miss Kat has been doing some things, like PINCHING sister, which I found odd as she is certainly NOT an angel but pinching is not something she is prone to do when mad. Come to find that CHLOE was pinching HER first, per Kat, so she did it back. Okay GIRLS, let's act like sisters already. Oh that's right, ya already ARE. Those 2 are like two 5 year olds in many ways, so they are treated as such. Till we ACT a bit more mature we have to consider the level of Chloe has nothing to do with her age right now.

I did make sure Chloe understood that she can come to me and TELL ME, pinching is not allowed by anyone, she seemed to think Kat was more important to us and she had to just put up with it. NOT SO> she was told both are mother's daughters, both matter same. She doesn't understand yet that she is important too, that she is allowed to even have an opinion!
She doesn't realize she already is opinionated, she wants to keep her hair up, mom would like it down sometimes, she told the translators, she knows what mom wants. Doesn't matter though:)

The college kids were concerned she asked me ( via pulling me) to do something for her ( no language needed for that) and she didn't say " thank you." I told them I was not worried about that- honestly I'd like to hear her call me mama more than say thank you. She did say to me the other night when we were going to bed, "I love you" and she patted my head, I think she was just trying it out, but hey, I'll take it:)

Our translators also explained to her that in touching her, we are being affectionate, she said she did not know how to take it, so I had them explain we NEVER hit, she never has to worry that we will touch her to hit her. She is MUCH more comfortable now that she knows that, she pretty much figured that out with me, but I think it just reassured her to know we never hit.
It seems some of the simplest things we do, like play with her ponytail, she is not sure what is going on. Just basic family fun things, she doesn't know them. She is quick learner though, she likes to know where I am all the time and she is very affectionate with me. She's a leaner, always leaning in, touching, which I think shows a very healthy child.

She is very close to me mainly due to the providing of food, I make sure she has what she likes, she has gained 5 pounds since coming home. A whopping 80 pound girl.
We really do well even with the language barrier. She has sucked up everything for 2 weeks and barely spoken, as of yesterday she started using English words, banana, dog, Kat, stop, no, yes, okay, Cam, go, thank you, ice cream, pizza, chicken, today, tomorrow. The "huh" seems universal. She knows more, she is just trying them out and I am happy to see her feeling secure enough to say them.

She's also learning to ignore mom photography, that I will sneak in pictures no matter what:) Tonight the kid were entertaining each other when Kat got a bloody nose, stuffing tissue up their noses and blowing them out, terribly cute. Then they taped their OWN mouths shut, I can't get away with that but they can?? How is that fair?

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Lori Lynn said...

It is fascinating to see Chloe's transformation. I bet this year will bring dramatic changes in her and her maturity. I look forward to following along.