Sunday, March 1, 2009

Shopping in GuangZhou

Ahhh, retail therapy, french fries and sweet tea. Thank you God. We started our day at the children's warehouse factory. Wow, many shops in one place. We got some cute dresses for summer for Kat. Shoes for Chloe, we have shoes on order with Baba for home, Chloe LOVES the Lelli Kel*y shoes I brought her, beaded and cute as can be, but one size too small. She refuses to take them off. I did convince her to let me buy 2 pairs of shoes for her today but she is still wearing the too small shoes.

So Baba is getting her a pair one size bigger to have when she gets home. Same design :)

We had a fun time dickering for prices, I even got really good deals on everything I wanted to get. Then we ate at Lucy's, french fries, sweet tea, not sure what the MILK for my iced tea was for, but I enjoyed that tea something fierce. The people here think Kelly and I came for the girls, they do not understand why I come for a "big girl" and I tell them, she is my girl, she was to be my daughter.

Chloe has shocked Chinese people, I had to laugh when she crawled out the window of the cab as we were all waiting to exit one side and she figured out how to get out faster. She wasn't trying to get away from me, so I was amused, the cab driver not so much. Our guide also is trying to get her to stay with me, I am thinking we are fine, she follows direction but likes to be in front, she checks to be sure we are still there, but I certainly don't need her to hold my hand! None of my other kids wanted to be seen with me either at age 13:)

I had my first request for picture with Chinese people. I didn't think I was cute enough for that! Ha ha.

Today was a good day, Chloe ate a TON of food at breakfast, I was sooo happy to know she is comfortable enough to eat her fill. She's coming out of her shell more and more and emerging is a spunky fun girl. I took a shower and was getting dressed when I heard giggles, sweet sister giggles from the room. It just warmed my heart.

I am soooo thankful we have this girl to be our daughter, she is a wonderful child, just a total blessing.
Chloe wore her hair done today for me, it's so pretty, I wanted her to, so she made 2 ponytails like her lil' sis:) I hear her telling off that lil' sis right now, Kat has her spunk back and has been a turd today. Chloe is quite good at telling her to "git" and helping with her to try and get the girl to behave -Ahhh sister love:)


Lori Lynn said...

I just love reading your story. One of my dreams was to adopt an older child, but then we fell in love with a 3 year old on a waiting child list and that's as close as I got. I think I am through adding to the family, so I will just have to follow along vicariously through your experience.

It brings tears to my eyes to read about people wondering "why" you would want an older child. I loved your reply.


Jean said...

Hi Vickie-
I love following your journey to Chloe! She is a beautiful girl! It reminds me of our time in China with Sarah! What blessings these children are!
Is Chloe's pic on the older child adopt- yahoo group? It looks like her! I have asked to join that group!
Soon you will all be home and everyone will be together!

Kathy said...

Hi Vickie,
So happy that Kat is feeling better. Love following
your journey. Chloe is so beautiful. It is so awesome
to see how well she is adjusting. Toooo..... funny climbing out the cab window. She must be really
tiny.(the cabs we rode in were small). Sounds like
she is very spunky. :)