Sunday, March 1, 2009

Medical exam and consulate appt

Sitting in the hotel waiting for word the consulate appointment goes okay. Really hoping the guide calls and gives good news. The new Hague Rules and us being the first family for our agency does not give me a sense of peace about anything here. Tattoo pictures, no comments on the swelling, going for massage today:)

Medical exam was fun, no pics, camera died, will get pics taken by Kelly of now famous tattoo ( ha ha) and Chloe today. Only about $75 for the exam and $75 for shots. I was surprised by that.I was told to expect more than 3 shots, and lots more $$$. SO that went well. Chloe wasn't the least bit afraid, just jumpy:)

The one doctor was fascinated with me (don't worry my head is not swollen- it's the horrible hairdo) so when handed the shot precautions he tried to explain to me I could call back if she had any reaction, I told him I was a nurse, then he asked how well their nurse did with the shots. Yeah, I'm gonna say BAD. Right. She didn't do bad, I told the guide when she asked if I worried about Chloe getting 3 shots in one day, I said "no, as long as the needles are new. Hey, just being honest.

She's not a tiny baby getting 6 shots. Although she is small. Wearing 10-12 girls size perfectly. Size 4 shoe. Fits nicely out cab window:)

I laughed at the guide today, someone did their usual gross "hack up my lung" sound in the medical exam area, she cringed, I said " you not like that sound" she said "no, never get used to it" I said "ohh but you Chinese" just picking on her and we laughed. I told her Kat could spit like a wild woman when we brought her home at age 3, our kids took forever to learn it and that was just to brush teeth. No hacking allowed- PLEASE.

I got back to the hotel and Kat had been at breakfast, she has a major meltdown, upset we had left her, but then I explained it was like home with big brother watching her for me to do errands, that Chloe went to the doctor and got shots and no stickers, no toys, no cute bandaids even. WOw was she offended, Chloe deserved sticker, she thought.

Chloe does need glasses, I kinda thought so, she has nystigmus, not her special need, her age was her SN but the nystigmus is a "shaking" of the one eye back and forth, a weak muscle, does not affect vision or make her need glasses, her vision is poor otherwise so she needs glasses. She doesn't see well far away. They were very worried that I knew about her nystigmus (I did) and that it was not listed as a SN. Silly people, she's coming home with us if she grows a horn off her head, she's our little devil:)

We are shopping again today, mainly picking up laundry (wish these women could come home with me- it's soooo cheap and easy) and a necklace Chloe picked out I had made for her. I need more luggage too:)

Apparently everyone at home missed Kat so much they caught her bug to feel close to her- sorry Baba, they share nothing else well, but bugs, viruses, colds, germs, creeping crud, ohhhh you get the picture. Hope they get better soon, don't care to come home to get sick. As my mom will be calling and telling you now, bleach, bleach everything, dishes, doorknobs,phones, the kids, yeah......

Off to enjoy my day with my girls. Both in red today, looking lovely. I can't express enough how wonderful it is to be bringing this girl home, anyone considering an older child, I tell you, GO FOR IT> we originally looked for a 9 or 10 year old, but once we saw Chloe's picture we knew a number did not matter, this was our girl. I am so glad we have this precious daughter to love. Meant to be ours, of that, I have NO doubts. Can't see any negative behaviors, worries yet, I swear, I'll post 'em if I do. Pretty normal fantastic young lady we got here. Proud to be her momma.


Lori said...

Love your post, as usual. Chloe seems to be getting cuter and cuter! Having a family makes her shine.

It's so funny that they thought her vision issues might keep you from taking her...they don't seem to understand UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. And your horn out of the head comment made me crack up as I sit here and read at 6 AM!

How tall is she and how much does she weigh?

Gotta go!

Deb said...

Hi Vickie, I love reading your blog. You are a wonderful mama! I am a nurse too, actually a certified nurse-midwife. But I only do office work now, no more delivering babies. We started adoptions when I stopped delivering! Gotcha day for me is supposed to be March 23rd. I'm planning to order 72 cleft bottles today to take along. I'm waiting to hear how much an air conditioner would cost, and call and ask at church if there is a way to ask for funds. Blessings, Deb S

Chad and Kristy said...

Love the tat.. but looks painful! Funny story about our trip to the medical exam. One of the families in our group adopted an older girl with obvious facial deformity.. (actually the ear). They went in to see the doctor and the doctor broke the news to them.. "You do know she has an ear deformity?" The parents died laughing and said, "NO, are you serious?!?!" the whole exam was a joke:)

bbmomof2boys said...

Chloe is beautiful - congrats!