Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'll live

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Yep, decided I'll make it. I know, everyone is glad. None more than Chloe, I think. She was eying me up a few days and I wondered if she thought she got a bum deal, sick and horrible sounding momma.

Guess not though, as she is now coughing. I pass muster 'cause I give out the yucky tasting medicine she shakes head "no" to and momma says " yes" till she takes them then she feels better:) Fun having a mom :)

We ventured out yesterday as I couldn't take one more day in the house. Couldn't. Not one. Actually went out to get asthma med there was some issue with filling med for me. It's sad when pharmacy dude says " call doctor on call" to get something right then and there. "Can't walk around like that"- hummm.... I beg to differ, had been doing it for days. Got me covered and breathing decent again, breathing is good:)

I was happy Chloe got to Skype with her friend and former roomie of 5 years, Lily has been a great help for Chloe and yesterday they spent over an hour chattering away. It was the most we have heard Chloe ever speak! Fun to hear her laughing and to have Lily say she is quite happy here, she likes her momma. YEAH- and I have even been laying down the law:) No standing on chairs, no eating in living rooms. It made me feel good to know she is happy, she refuses a translator, really wants to learn English and is trying.

Cam was happy to report he got her to say " yes, no and don't know", he still can't stand not being able to love on her, she pops him like a typical big sis whenever he tries that.

Birthday party for one of the kid's friends today, a basketball playing party. Chloe was a little lost at first, not sure what to do, but then an air hockey game with Kat and a scramble for pinata ( or "piano" per Kat) candy, and she fit right in. Candy need no translation.

Other misc. stuff I wanted to post before it's lost the muddle of my brain about my trip........

Tips- do take enough socks, forget the hair bows in a box to keep from crushing them- honestly, what was I thinking?

Also do not pack a ton of toiletries, no one cares if you have matching lotion and body spray.

Take the comfortable- but smelly shoes you always wear. Take Febr*eze spray if you must, but really the fur lined clogs I took?? They lost the fur on day 3, and I was stuck with too big shoes and sandals, no shoes to be found in my huge size in China.

Do NOT allow mother to give you undies to wear for trip. See old post. No more being said.

Do not lose sense of humor no matter what- it will get you far. I now own a pet "rock" also known as a breakfast roll from one hotel. We were served this treat already hardened to the brick form. We HOWLED over this, and I am now quite fond of the little guy. Not to mention, he bridged language barriers to make our Chloe laugh and continues to do so.

Never, never stay in hotel that sells men's undies on the "bar." Not saying anymore about that either.

Enjoy your guides, use them to go everywhere. We initially planned to do some stuff on our own, it's really not worth the aggravation, it's so much easier and not that expensive to use a guide. Also known as " child carriers" when needed:) Very helpful! But also know when to say " we do not wish to go there, or that's too much in one day." Pace yourself, you will not enjoy seeing 10 things in one day if you are wore out, if you see 3 and they are amazing, it is so much nicer. Pace is your option for the sightseeing, what you are up to, they will drag you all over if you don't speak up.

Take TRANSFORMER plug, not adapter and know difference.

Biggest tip- do not EVER go to NEW stylist and do anything with your hair before big trip to anywhere. China water is NOT perm friendly, very drying. Get pretty highlights, a trim, do not, I repeat, do not perm hair to shorten "getting ready time."

Take less pictures, and soak up the trip, I did this this time round and enjoyed SEEING much more this trip. Pictures can remind you but being there and missing it as the one always getting "shots" is not always fun.

Buy extra stuff, take a list, but buy extra little things and something I have done for the girls is buy them something small from China for each birthday till they reach 18. ( on # 18 they get their tea sets) but buy from one shop, many things, as the more you buy the more they discount:) And walk away if the price isn't right, they will come down.

Do not take shoes you "think" will fit child that she will LOVE and refuse to not wear when her feet are crammed into them.

Most of all be patient with child, enjoy the amazing fun they have over simple elevator doors, hotel key cards, etc. I let Chloe go wild with all that. Why NOT? She was as fun as a kid in a candy store. I can only imagine the freedom she feels knowing she can now be a kid and not be worried about what will happen to her when she is 14 and would not be able to ever have a family. And really, who's gonna remember she climbed out of a cab window like a monkey?

And finally speaking of cabs, place guide in front seat, do not look out toward front during any part of driving experience. Look out side window unless view is a tail light 2 inches from your window, then it's good time to need nap. Try not to scream, it scares driver, throwing off his super abilities to communicate with the other crazy people willing to drive on those roads, throwing the entire driving experience to a new level of " insanity.

At least I stayed where I belonged, in the BACK.......


Deb said...

Thanks Vickie! I'm getting ready to go and it is a great help. One of the most wonderful things on your blog was hearing that Chloe just wants English. It made me realize that the Chinese I have been working on for the transition is probably perfect, and I should stress about not having done more (started a year ago, didn't stick with it, then the past month cramming) Deb S

Deb said...

Shouldn't stress (typo)