Saturday, March 7, 2009


3 planes later, an overnight with my cousin ( thanks Connie) and we are HOME.

SOOOOOO incredibly glad to get home. I think Chloe may never get in any car with me again:) Every trip was an hour or more, she slept on her way to the house, so I doubt she will believe the local Walm*rt is close by.

WE got here and signs all over the house, Kat opened the mail slot and yelled "anybody in there" and the craziness began. S and H were outside and at me first. "BICKIE- blah blah blah" from S, I think I got the dickens. H was just excited.

Chloe seemed a bit overwhelmed ( no wonder) as they launched themselves on me and my bags to figure out what suitcase had the gifts. Deb took S and H and Cam to a birthday party soon after we got here and we started to wilt. The girls were up last night after getting in till 3:30 am, they woke everyone in the house goofing off at my cousin's till I ordered them to bed and I could not go back to sleep then. So I napped then we got some good chicken -NOT boiled then refrigerated, cut up whole and served with head.

I need to go to the store, I started our laundry, the house is clean ( huge thanks Grandma) the puppy was said to be doing well house training then I came home, she has gifted me with the knowledge she is here TWICE- deaf dog needs new home, thinking of ads- oops did I write that- ha ha.

Chloe played the V-sm*le game with educational games we have hooked up to the big TV, took a snooze, ate some chicken, no side dishes though, smiled for Baba and said Hello to him, gotten kissed and hugged by mom, dad, Kat and Cam, called "China" by S ( had to tell him her name is Chloe NOT China and made H think she wasn't able to speak. I've told them all she is bright and speaks Chinese, do not treat her as though she is dumb. She just doesn't speak English well and the few ( and I mean FEW) words she does know she is scared to speak, I think she is afraid she will say them wrong. But she had laughed when I told the puppy "bu yowl" this is the pronunciation of (no) in Chinese. She laughs when I tell anyone Bu yowl, as I do when I tell them "no" so she is associating and also seeing she is not the only one getting "bu yowled."

Cam must be like me, he can't stand having her here and not being able to love on her, he keeps asking me by whispers ( like she understands) can he kiss her, can he hug her. He asks and she always shakes her head no, so I have tackled her twice to give her lovings myself and then when she was laughing said " gie gie, give Chloe kiss di di give Chloe kiss, Baba, give Chloe kiss" and they all came and got her. She loved it. She understands kiss, from, Kat, who kisses her hands, or leg or arm if she won't let her kiss her face:)

She is doing well, she is working on a puzzle with the kids, getting to know them, Cam got a silk outfit this time and he LOVES it, hat and all, he put it on, went to Chloe, said "di di Chinese boy" and she told him "bu yowl" and they laughed together.

She is finding her place. She is a sweetheart. Knowing what I know of her story I am amazed. Our saga continues, we have things we must take care of, not one thing is bad about her. We have NO regrets here, not a one. We are totally in love. She is sweet by shy, helpful, and caring. She shares her toys she brought with her we bought in China, amazing since everything I sent her ( which was a lot) she had with her and most was unopened- we guess she treasured having things that were HERS and hers alone. She wouldn't even USE them. But it gave her security that her family sent things to her.
Everything arrived safe but for the Nintendo DS of Chloe's. Not sure if it's in a bag pocket somewhere, will recheck tomorrow but as Baba says " we got her home safe, that's the most important thing." SO true. I will be sad if we did lose it though.

Our main issues will be shopping for food she likes, some beginner bras, a hair trim, doctor visit, eye exam and glasses, start schooling, a trip to the dentist. One day at a time, minor issues, table manners, getting her out of the jacket and into pj's, etc will come. I don't sweat that stuff, with so many kiddos it's fairly simple to follow along.

The Year of Chloe. So happy to have this girl Kat is sooo happy to have her Baba and Cam, she missed everyone badly, as did I.
We are home!


Lori said...

I'm sure it is such sweet relief to be home! There is just nothing like your own stuff, your own food...your own SOFT BED!! Aaahhh.

What a happy time as you begin your lives with Chloe...I'm so happy for you and can't wait to hear how she progresses.

April said...

Chloe, WELCOME! I've been following your blog and so very glad to hear of your safe and happy arrival! Congratulations!

Shelley said...

"Mom to 3 girls" here....just checking in! I am glad you made it home safely. E-mail me an update when you can.
So far we are doing well. Anna is adjusting beautifully. She was made for our family and we are so thrilled she is home. Take care, shelley

Lori Lynn said...

Welcome back! It was so wonderful to follow along on your journey. I look forward to seeing Chloe blossom into a happy and confident young lady.

Lori W