Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Girls just wanna have fun

So far so good. Chloe is finding her place in the family. She is eating great, much better than Kat does to this day! She has even learned to use the microwave, with my being ill she managed to figure out how to make toast and use the microwave- making toast and hot dogs.

Not that she is going hungry, she just eats constantly. Which is fine with us, she needs it. She tries just about everything and she loves taco/hot sauce. She tried that on tacos this week and has used it on everything since then!

Our only downfalls we see so far. She is a bit rough. We suspect this is from orphanage play being quite rough, Kat was the same way at first. We have to teach her to be gentle. She does not wish to have any Chinese used, but this also means we can pretend to not understand English. Not happening. Mom is too smart for that trick.

I told her to share with Cam over legos, she still refused, I sternly said her name and she went off in a huff. She cried in her room, I left her for a little bit then got her to come out to take a walk. I realized it quite hard on her but I also will not pity her and let her get away with stuff, this will only make the others resent her, not give her a chance to fit in.

She also does not realize that this is a HOME> we are teaching that this is NOT a playground, not all child oriented play is allowed in the house. She understands often, but will try me, to see if I mean it. Baba said to me " does she listen?" and I said "mostly, but she ignores me first" and what does this wise man say? " Well that means she is ours". Yeah, we are patient in knowing she is bright, she is eager to fit in, these are 2 of the major battles won. The little stuff will come and fall into place for her.

It's hard not to want it to happen overnight but for 10 days home, we are impressed with her. She is very easy going and is trying hard, that is very obvious. But she also know how to be a kid. That is so good to see.

Kat is adoring her, she tells Chloe she loves her and kisses on her often, they remain closest, it's not often to see one without the other. I think they will go off to school in the fall and it will be great for both of them. They wore their "Made in China" shirts today and fooled around with Baba's camera, I am still thinking of replacing mine since it is a goner. But Chloe has a ball with the camera, taking pics of everything. Cute as can be those 2, see what I mean?


Lori Lynn said...

I just love reading how Chloe is adjusting. It sounds like things are going pretty well for only 10 days in a new home.

Things will get better one day at a time.

April said...

The ignoring stuff sounds pretty normal for a 13 year old girl. My daughter experiments with selective hearing often.

Jean said...

I AM SO GLAD SHE IS HOME AND WITH HER FOREVER FAMILY! The girls look like they are having fun!

We had the same thing with our 8 yr old now 9. She has been home for 3.5 months. I still need to remind her what we do and don't do in the house but it has gotten much better with time. Thank goodness spring is coming!!