Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Girl's got a visa

The girl's got a visa:) She seemed quite unaffected by this news but her momma sure is glad! Oath taken and done. Kat said afterwards " does this mean we get to keep her now"- uhhhh, yeah!

Hard not to want to hop a plane to the states IMMEDIATELY:) as all the adoption stuff is done. I miss that crazy family of ours, I'm tired of hopping from hotel to hotel, I'm tired of living in hotels. My camera died, the DVD player needs charged, and I am whining. I hate whining.

We leave tomorrow for QinZhou, Kat's city. We go to see her Po Po (grandma) aka her foster mom. This has been over 2 years since we adopted her, they had her for 2 years, so they are VERY excited to know we are coming. As Kat is thrilled to get to visit her Po Po. Not sure how posting will go from there, may have to post after back here on Thursday night (our time).

Chloe continues to do well, ornery, she was a treat today when we ordered Cantonese food and not one person in there spoke English, I have a small dictionary/ translation book and we managed to tell them we wanted non spicy noodles, I ordered chicken, knowing we were getting the WHOLE chicken but did manage to tell them to not send the head PLEASE, then said daughter ordered duck and laughed like a nut when I made them take back that poor quacker's head off the plate. Ughhhh.

I also told daughter via book to behave, she did not like that too well but climbing on chairs is not allowed. She listened too. Became somewhat somber even, I figured she was realizing she got a MOMMA, good behavior cool- bad behavior NOT, not going to overlook it. That's my job:)

One issue we did have (girls only post) was at 75 pounds, 4 ft 5 1/2 inches, nearly 14 years old, NO IDEA about facts of being a female. Oiy. I certainly didn't want to have to try to explain THAT through language barriers, so I asked guide (female) to help. She did a great job, all till she told her not to drink anything cold or put hands in cold water at that "time." HUH? I asked WHY? She said Chinese belief, not healthy. Okay then.

Kelly and I continue to go goofy at various times - once was the "hard as a brick" roll that I took to make pet rock, from XinYang hotel breakfast. Cried till we nearly wet ourselves. Today's funny- I bought a set of "health balls" they have a chime in them and help strenghten your hands as you roll them in your hands. Didn't think about what I was saying when I blurted out to Kelly " I need another set of balls"- we looked at each other and totally lost it. We're so gross. Didn't mean to be but you just don't EVER have opportunity to say that at home and it was just priceless.

We've seen a ton of "brides" here, not sure if they are doing magazine shoots as they are all posing for photos, sure are pretty and Kat loves that they are "getting married." She is such a girly girl. Loves those big gorgeous dresses.
Kelly went to the pearl market tonight, we are just hanging in the hotel, Chloe girl is tired of shopping, Kat is not in a good mood, (she bit Dan Dan!!) Miss Kitty's got an attitude.
Enjoy the pictures of our fun today:)


Lori said...

Sounds like you girls are getting downright punchy over there! Survival mode I suppose! :)

Cold hands & beverages?? Oh my. I just told my hubby that and he said, "well how do you know that's not right? Have you ever tried it?" Such a man. Like I'm going to take period advice from a testosterone-filled manly man. Thank ya, no.

Love the set of balls conversation...I can only imagine what the people there think of you two as you are spontaneously laughing hysterically at such things! They will likely be talking about you long after you are gone! :)

Friends and Family said...

Hi vickie, My adoption agency rep just e-mailed me and told me I wouldn't be allowed to visit at the orphanage. I am so disappointed. My agency can arrange a tour of the city for $300. Is it worth it? I am so disappointed. Thanks, Deb

Chad and Kristy said...

You are so funny! I am going to ask Anna Li about the cold beverages during that time of the month and see what she says. hehe!

Keisha said...

Hey Girl!! Wow.. just catching up here! Congrats! And, she looks like she is doing well!
Have fun & be Safe!