Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Funny things

Sometimes in a rare moment, I wonder what life would be like if we did not have such a large family. Quieter, of course, comes to mind first.

Mostly I think of what I would miss, if we did not have this large and rambunctious crew. It's hard to imagine a day without Kat giggles, the wonder I feel when I see Cam looking at me with my face, S giving me the "look" that he learned from me, saying good morning to my Chloe and feeling the urge to just hug her and have her welcome me with open arms when asked for a hug (she did this morning!!!)

These fun things added with the daily dose of goofy kids are what keep me going. Some of the funnier things that everyone should enjoy in their lives-

Last week, served chicken and a bacon spinach salad, salad filled with yummy toppings. S took one look at that salad and said "UGHHH- WEEDS, me not eat WEEDS. You feed me WEEDS" and went on and on about the WEEDS for supper:)

Kat and H arguing over how many times H should ride Kat's pink frilly bike and Kat says 2, H comes of with "I think 24 is a good idea." Where did that come from?:)

Chloe watching mom do crossword puzzles and being smart enough to figure out the answers are in the back of the book so she picks a puzzle and copies answers into puzzle hoping to shock mom into thinking she is a genius :)

Mal grumping over her paycheck and hours going to someone else at her job, ohhh, we start so young and so jaded into real life:)

Donobin telling Chloe how to open the ketchup bottle flip lid when she unscrewed the top by mistake, he talked to her like she was deaf and dumb, but was so proud he had taught her something. Yeah Donobin:)

Cam being happy with a 75 cent (didn't they used to be 25 cent) toy from a machine that looks like a freak thing with goofy hair and zits. Grossing mom out, this is the key to boy happiness:)

Having my older kids complain about my cheery message on my answering machine, so I get them back by placing this message,
"my adult grown children have complained about my message so even though they do not HAVE to call here they OBVIOUSLY do- so I changed this just for them, so here you are guys, leave a message- why don't ya?" They quickly changed tunes to accept my cheery message with no gripes:)

Trying to get a nice family photo (what was I thinking??) since I have NONE with Chloe included, this is the best one we got, no laughing. It was a chore, I'm not trying again. Off to enjoy the fun of all these kids....... is it bedtime yet?

BTW, nothing wrong with Chloe's arm, I strained my wrist hauling giant loads of clothes from washer to dryer, SHE is fascinated with torture device mom is wearing to heal wrist, which is what she has on in picture. Guess I should have left it on my wrist, I didn't really want it in the picture:)


Lori said...

Sounds like tons of fun!! Never a dull moment for sure!

Andi68 said...

Chloe is taller than I thought she would be, a few inches taller than Cam for sure.
You sound like such a proud Mama. :-)