Sunday, March 1, 2009

Funny things

You know- it's always good to laugh at yourself. We're going to share some of this in my post, mainly due to the fact that it is 1:45am here and I looked at my watch upside down and thought it was 5:45 am and got up and showered:)

Today is an early day with medical exam and visa application. I didn't want to be late and was wondering why we did not get our wake up call. Yeah, it'll come- in about 5 hours. AHHHH.

Other "funny happenings"
We have had at least 2 people say to the guides- those look like Chinese girls- about Kat and Caidi. hummmmmmm- 'cause they are? We thought this was obvious. Apparently they are dressed too nice, speak English very well and have long hair. SO sorry China to treat girls so well, but we LOVE them!!

Most people here assume we are here for the girls- hence they try to talk Chinese to the girls and figure Chloe speaks English. That's made for some fun! Kat and Caidi have various responses from "I am Chinese but I speak American" to " I don't know what you say" ( add drama queen- ahhhh's in here)

People here go NUTS over my tattoo, I told very few people but I tattooed CHLOE's Chinese name on my one ankle, Kat's is on the outside of the same foot and I have 10 Japanese dogwood flowers winding down from my lower leg to foot. BIG- beautiful tattoo- makes quite easy on time when Chinese shop keepers wish to make daughter's name for me into some beautiful art piece for free ( aka- you buy from me and I thank you!) COOL.

No so much fun to find out yesterday when all banks were closed and Vict*ry Hotel will not allow you to exchange more than $200 per adult and they rip you off of 27 yuan p 100 dollar. "Cause today is medical exam and the NEW (hateful) rules mean SHOTS for Chloe and as guide says " big bucks you pay"- ah yeah, like $600. SOOOOOO thanks to an American couple a the White Sw*n Hotel that we stopped in the lobby when we went there to see if we could get money exchanged (no- no room- no exchange) who went and exchanged my money under their room number. THANKS- forgot your name- but bless you.

Also do not ask for massage from our hotel. Kelly made this mistake and was sent to "second building" and when she asked they looked at her funny and said "massage- dirty massage for men>" well, not what she was looking for- so that was a "no thanks". Simple foot massage (non dirty please) not to be had here.

Everyone thinks Kelly and I are sisters, it's easier to say "yes" and let it go than to get into the whole " we met when we adopted girls #1 as they were fostered by sisters and grew up together and no, we did not know each other before that trip and yes, we keep the girls in touch as they are like sisters"- see what I mean?

I'm gonna go lay back down now, no pics, on computer in my room bugging my girls only, they hate my noisy typing and are groaning in sleep... such princesses:) Keep up my comments, I need 'em, you are my link to home, I miss everyone so much. Can't wait to get this girl home and share her:)


Somewhere In The Sun said...

Sorry, but it's pretty funny that you looked at your watch upside down and got up and showered! :) I'm sure it won't be funny when you are feeling tired later though.

I had heard about that "massage" place on the lower floor. I never went down there. I heard some wild things go on there!

I'm glad you are having an interesting time and that you are sharing your stories with us! Sorry about the money problmes.


Lori said...

Vickie, you are a hoot!! You looking at your watch upside down sounds like something I would do! I told my hubby about that and he said, "perhaps a digital watch would have helped." Ha!

Golly, I just hate that Miss Chloe has to get shots many will she need? Poor baby girl.

Love all your stories!!!!

Deb said...

Hi Vickie! Hang in there. You are doing awesome! Enjoy the special times you are having! Blessings, Deb S

Chad and Kristy said...

I am so enjoying your journey! The whole shots thing stinks! I remember how everyone else in our group got to go back to the hotel and we were stuck waiting in line for shots. Anna Li was a trooper and announce she wasn't scared of shots! I hope everything is going good. Chloe is just precious!

You can't talk about your tattoo without posting a picture of it:)