Friday, March 13, 2009


Apparently some flu bug thought is would be fun to hop on the fluffy American woman as she said farewell to China. All those hacking people in the plane made me wonder if we were getting some nasty bug heading back with us.

Monday started the fever, chills and aches. At one point when I laid down and thought " well if I wake up I will live" and I realized I was heading for a major ill. By Wed when I needed my doctor as my asthma decided to join the fun, and I was slamming every med I have for it and still not getting ahead- I come to find he is not in. So off I go to his "on call" doc, who does not take our insurance but I am former patient (switched due to the insurance issue) so I paid out of pocket to get the steroids I needed to kick this crap.

Now don't worry I will not turn into an Olympic hopeful so I do not have to report this usage to anyone. Ha Ha. It's enough to get me over this illness. Asthma is not a fun thing, I can not be around any cigarette smoke and strong odors are horrible when I am ill, specifically any type of sprays.

Here's where I am going to be thankful. I did NOT get this while in China. I had some worries as EVERYONE smokes over there, they smoke everywhere too, hotels, elevators, restaurants, cars, everywhere. I would NOT have been in good shape to handle this. As it was my terrific hubby ( not enough credit given to this man) stayed home yesterday to let me rest, heal, rest and he got everyone off to school and managed the house.

Kat was quite worried I was ill, she said " daddy you stay home to feed us children?" Yeah, her concern? Mom can't get up to feed us, oh no. Her and Chloe are like mice, they eat all day long. Not that it hurts either one weight wise and they eat healthier than any kids I have ever seen but it was just really funny the way she said that.

I accomplished one thing with Chloe this week. The dentist. Not good news. I'm cursing the roller blades I sent her as he comes in to tell me she has 2 front teeth that have taken a "blow" and need root canals, they are abscessed right now. Yikes. One is her chipped front tooth I wanted to have repaired as it affects how much she smiles, and the other is next to her other front tooth and it's cracked badly. We have antibiotics and will have a consultation in a month to go from there for options. I do not know for sure the roller blades were to blame, but I just bet.

She had NO cavities, but had NEVER been to the dentist or brushed, it's obviously NOT a priority between feeding children and teeth, you feed them. So we teach the dental care now. Chloe did really well, the book I use for translation is a small dictionary she can read the Chinese character for whatever English I need to tell her. The dentist did say " do you have someone teaching her English" and I was not going to say " Dora The ExPL*er and Kat, that she isn't able to even adjust to the time here yet, I just said " we have been home for just days" and left it at that.

What are we doing with schooling? Well, we can't register Chloe till she has doctor clearance of her shots. That's next week at least, depending on what all she needs. I spoke with Elementary school ahead of time, they are willing to allow us to place her where we want. We are basically going to work with her here at home, if we feel she needs to be a school setting before next fall, then we may go with placing her with Cam, in second grade for the remainder of this year. Only due to her lack of English skills, lack of American culture skills, and it would give her someone familiar to be with. We could then eval her for higher grade in the fall.

Otherwise how is she. Still wonderful. Spunky. Like her sis. They are tight, she is very comfortable with her. She is less so with the boys, including poor Baba. He was feeling left out. I told him just go grab her and kiss on her, she KNOWS by now I will do this and I get her a few times a day, she always laughs, even while trying to get away :) She NEEDS the lovings. Baba is more laid back and reserved, I explained to him, there are many women at the orphanage, just one director man. SO she doesn't know how to relate to a quiet dad, she may think he doesn't like her. Who knows?? SO as I grabbed her for hugs he came and kissed her till she squealed at his whiskers.

He also got to go get us comfort foods, TAKE OUT this time, Chinese food. That went over VERY well. I needed some wonton soup and the girls ate their meat sticks, some soup, and I ordered them noodles too. They saved some of the noodles and that was their first breakfast of the day today:) Baba being home and getting them what they needed made Chloe much more relaxed around him. Kat is very loving to her baba too, so this helps her to see also.

She is doing wonderful, she said "S" today, the first time when she went out to put him on the van and check out where I was taking him every morning. I think she understands he goes to a special school. She was great today too, when the local escape artist, aka Tallulah, our deaf dog, of course, who has taken to darting out the door any chance she gets. We are certain she is going to get killed thus, devastating the kids, not so much mom. Mom is to a point that if i must go after said dog one more time in my lounge clothes and bare feet, I may turn back and say "Tallulah who?" when asked. Chloe did the chasing this morning and got her back.

Actually I think Debbie's new honey is going to take her, he is smitten with the doggie bug and the dog needs someone who will not have 6 kids letting her take off out the door. I'd rather re home her than see her killed. Honest.

Chloe is sucking up everything, you can see her taking it all in, she is trying out new words, she does NOT want us to use Chinese with her. I think she can't stand my butchering of the language:) But even when I give her chop sticks to eat her noodles she gets up and gets a fork herself. We are following her lead and have dumped her head first in English. I told her I can contact an interpreter anytime, but she doesn't even try to use the reverse part of our dictionary to tell me anything. She motions, pulls me, points, says a few things, and we manage quite well. She is eating good, the girls slept till 6 am this morning ( getting closer to normal).

I think she is one happy girl, if her smiles tell me anything? And look at those pearly whites?? Just beautiful. Inside and out. Love her. Tons and tons.


shell said...

I was thinking you had fallen off the face of the earth since your return from China! Glad to hear you are among the living, but, sorry to hear you had the flu.

I am, also, so glad that Chloe is adjusting so well. What an exciting time for you all.

April said...

I'm glad to see Chloe settling in and I'm sorry to hear that you caught a nasty bug as soon as you got home. Hope to see you around town soon!

Lori Lynn said...

Sorry about you being ill, but it sure is nice to read that Chloe is happy and trying real hard to make a go of it.

With that kind of attitude, she can do anything!

Lori W

Holly said...

Oh, I am so sorry about your flu bug. What a bummer. But what a true blessing that you did not get that while in China!! So happy that things are going so well for your sweet Chloe. : )