Friday, March 27, 2009

Chloe's week

Chloe's week in review:

Child thinks we have endless money to spend on groceries. She has gained 8 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks. It's taken me 2 YEARS to get 8 pounds on little Miss Kat! Chloe heads for the beef jerky in every store I shop in- although she has not figured out that the Dollar St*re sells it too- shhh don't tell her!
She can down a WHOLE bag of it in less than an hour!
She will say "store and shopping" she knows what both of these mean already! And she means groceries, she doesn't really care too much about clothes shopping, although she did HAVE TO HAVE some hair thingys today.
She even pulled the "Kat/Chloe trick, like they would share them and BOTH benefit so greatly from having a NEW pack of barrettes. They had a jolly time using all those new things to make ME look like a goof, she also prodded me downstairs to show me off to Baba while her and Kat giggled themselves silly.

She got glasses ordered yesterday. She is farsighted and has a astigmatism. This is in addition to her nystigmus, the nystigmus really has no affect on her vision other than to make it quite hard for her to focus on anything, her pupils dart from side to side randomly, more so when she is nervous. There is no treatment or cure for the nystigmus. We had a hard time figuring out the right strength of glasses but the doc thinks she got it as close as possible with the limited English we have.

The issue then became the glasses. She did not like any, or was trying to say she didn't want any when I used translation book to say she HAD to chose one pair, that she needed them. Then she did not understand why she could not take the sample pair with her. They will be in next week and I think I got her to understand that.

Her language skills are improving greatly. She is quite funny and ornery. She has learned to shout a song, and I mean SHOUT, we will we will ROCK YOU, ROCK YOU.

She is picking up lots of words. She will tell me "English" when she wants to know the English word for something. She had me read her an ABC book with animals and she told me the ones she knew and wanted to know the rest of them. She has found the spider solitaire game on the computer and is very good at it. She understands much of what I tell her.

Tomorrow, we are going to meet up with her friend, adopted 18 months ago, they were roomies for 5 years at the orphanage. They live in CA, we are in PA so it's a rare opportunity for us to go and see them as they are traveling close to us and we can't give up this opportunity to get together. Chloe has been saying for days " Lily tomorrow" and I have to say " tomorrow tomorrow." Now it really IS tomorrow and she is excited.

She is quite funny, still very much on overdrive when we go anywhere. She is better in the store now but she had to be scolded in the eye doctor's for touching everything and I mean EVERYTHING. She is so curious about everything. Very bright, that's obvious and she is just wanting to know is all :)
She slid down the handrail at the post office today, I thought it looked quite fun and really wished I was a few years younger and less fluffy so I could try it too. Kat and Chloe decided to dress alike today, I thought they looked so adorable. They had their red skirts on, their leggings, they wore different shirts and socks- Chloe is still dressing like she is in China, she covers her leggings with her socks over top them. Guess she is so used to that, I have noticed she will cover up Kat's legs if her leggings slide up, she'd make the Chinese clothing police very proud:)
Everyone wants to ask Chloe if she is happy here, I don't know how to ask that, but she seems very happy if I have to guess. She is very playful, very loving, still a little rough but learning to tone that down. She smiles a lot, laughs more. Doesn't seem to have trouble finding things to do. Is ornery, will refuse to wear seat belt so I just keep saying it till it goes on, she says " go" I say "seat belt" and will not move van until she complies:)
She LOVES ice cream, as soon as supper is over she asks for it, I say "no, 8 o' clock" (that's snack time) so she knows 6, 7, 8, SNACK TIME:) Learning and growing, just like we had hoped.
Fulfilling her name-
Chloe means "blooming," and we are truly enjoying watching this girl bloom.


Jean said...

The girls are adorable! I am so glad that Chloe is doing well! She looks happy! They look happy!
JTM Sarah Grace

Lori said...

Wow, Chloe is just progressing by leaps and bounds it seems! Her personality sound downright spunky...which seems to fit perfectly for your fun family!

April said...

Great pictures! I'm glad to hear that she is settling in so well. And hey, beef jerky is like heaven on earth - I scope it out wherever I can too.

Shelley said...

Vickie, I am so happy to see Chloe's smile in these pictures. It is wonderful that she is doing well. I pray today's visit was all that she was hoping it would be. I think God is working on my heart about these girls who are so close to aging out! uh-oh! : ) Thanks for sharing your family with us.