Monday, March 30, 2009

Chloe and Lily

How did the visit go? In a word? FANTASTIC!

The weather was not great, rainy and fog. But we got to Gettysburg in good time with Lily unaware we were coming. So her dad sees us first and pulls her out of the gift shop full of 50 8th graders, and the squeals began. Squeals of joy, of laughter, of fun.

These 2 girls were such a delight to watch together, Lily is a WONDERFUL person, she made Chloe so incredibly happy to see her and be able to talk with her and know how happy and loved Lily is in her family. Lily took time to sit Chloe down and express to her how truly happy we are to have her home. How much we love her, but also some important family things that will help her to blend into our family easier.

As I told Lily she was PRICELESS, and she wasn't sure what that meant:) but Dad explained and Chloe was able to listen, not take offense and begin to USE some of the things Lily was teaching her.

It was soooooo worth the trip, we thank you Lily for being such a super friend to Chloe and to Sally and Eric for having such a neat and caring daughter. I think you have a lot to do with that:)

We had a lovely dinner then stayed over to talk, or should I say, let the girls giggle and talk. Chloe was on overdrive but I got the answer to every one's question, is she happy here??- YES!

She is picking up English so fast, it's really amazing. She understood when we offered Lily to come this summer and stay and she asked where she would sleep as Chloe wanted to know. Chloe understood when I said I could put Kat in with JieJie Mal, allowing Chloe and Lily to have her room together- no translation needed:)

We really hope Lily can come to stay a few days, it was a fantastic blessing to pull off this meeting and was obviously not long enough:)

In sad news, my Great Aunt Stella passed away yesterday. Of course on a Sunday, the day of rest for our Lord. This woman who chose my name ( thanks for the Vickie and NOT VICTORIA) lived for God. She NEVER had a bad word to say of anyone. EVER- she was a rare woman of faith and a more beautiful person you could not meet. As children we went every Sunday to Aunt Mary ( lost her 4 years ago) and Aunt Stella's house for Sunday dinner. Our grandmother's sisters, never married so we were their family. I always considered them as 2 more grandmothers, as I know the rest of us "kids" all did. You never went to see Gram without seeing the Aunts and vice versa.

For all the homemade pickles you made, the mashed potatoes filled with LOVE, your last words to me, "pray, always take time to laugh and take care of all those kids." I will Aunt Stella, I will. Hope you got my baby boy Tristan covered up there in Heaven now. Rock him side to side and pat the butt, he loves that. I know you are loving on him. Give him a kiss from his momma for me. Loved in a lifetime, never forgotten now that you have passed.


Lori said...

Oh my gosh Vickie...that post had me tearing up from start to finish! The incredible visit with Chloe's friend...what a huge blessing!

And your sweet Aunt that passed away...sounds like she was an incredible woman of God who had a huge influence on your life.

Lori Lynn said...

I am totally loving your blog now. I look forward to each and every update on Chloe and Kat. What a fantastic opportunity to have Lily come visit!

How fun to see what a difference you can make in a person's life! Even with all the hard work.

Lori W

Lori Lynn said...

This post was so good, that I had to read it again and show it to my hubby after I got home from work.