Thursday, March 5, 2009

Back in GuangZhou

Side trip done. Visit went WELL. These women LOVE our girls, so obvious. They were THRILLED we went to the trouble to visit them. They made us a HUGE dinner, it was about a 10 course meal and it was so good!

Even the guide was shocked at how much Kat remembered, where things where, sleeping with Po Po. She was snuggled in Po Po's bed when another issue arose. Chloe girl was NOT willing to stay, Kat wasn't staying without momma so guide did a WONDERFUL job explaining to them that I could not chose to leave Chloe with Kelly when I had just gotten her and am her new momma. I think she wanted to be brave and say she did not need me, but when asked again, she said she wanted me with her. So we slept 3 to the bed, since I had not booked a hotel room and we doubled in with Kelly and Caidi, not sleeping well, especially when Chloe woke me at least twice with what I thought was crying- touched her and asked if she was okay.

So imagine my surprise when the guide asked her in the morning if she was crying for me, and she said "no, laughing, good dreams" oh dear. And there's mom, waking her up and asking if she was okay!

Very emotional visit, soooo very worth the time and trouble to see where my daughter lived for 2 years and the love these people have for her, she is truly their grand daughter, no blood tie needed. I told them she will always know them as such. She loved on them, kissing them and hugging, being carried and even fed by them. She lapped it all up like the princess she is:) It was awesome.

Other issue that has arose that some folks know about and I can't post details of yet. Issue on this end, can not accomplish anything here, will be going home tomorrrow:) Will continue quest from home.

Next post will be from HOME................................

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shell said...

How wonderful that you got to make that side trip. It had to be good for Kat and Grandparents.

It will be good to be home...and in your own bed.

Safe travels, my friend.