Monday, March 2, 2009

All's well

Green for GO. Passed the consulate appointment although had to redo a paper stating I knew of her nystigmus, they had her listed as healthy, SN age, so I checked "healthy" and they wanted to clarify that we knew of the eye issue. Got it, get over it. Done as of today, oath ceremony is this afternoon.

I fell asleep waiting for the call that everything was good, couldn't believe it but our guide stopped by and rang the door, I didn't even hear it. Might have been that 1:45 am shower catching up with me? Not sure a digital would have even helped me, although great idea. Another note about Vict*ry Hotel, no clock in room. Bummer.

Got foot massage last night, WOW so worth it. Too bad Chloe was nervous and unsure, but she climbed all over chairs and foot stools so mom could practice her "bu yowl" (NO), we were messing around at Lucy's at supper, pointing to things and she would tell us Chinese word then laughing at me when I tried to pronounce it. I told her "momma - pointed to tongue, bu yowl Chinese" and she loved it.

We took pics with the "famous fluffy woman of China", outside Lucy's, I told Chloe "momma" and pointed as a I posed next to her, she laughed and agreed- I do not care that we fool around and poke fun at momma, if she sees we can do that and have fun, it allows her to open up it's totally worth it. We'll work on the hard core- you must respect momma and listen when we get home and no cabs at home so no worry there:) I did tell her I call Baba on her,she laughed as her and Kat goofed off.

Chloe eats MUCH more variety of things than Kat does to this day, Kat is a very picky eater, Chloe eats bread ( yeah!) and dairy. Yogurt drinks are very popular here. She also loves french fries and ketchup, Kat HATES ketchup, ranch dressing for that princess PLEASE.

The massage guys ( yeah we got guys) were amazed at the famous tattoo and shocked by my calluses, well, I do have lots of kids to run after- hello! They chattered till they figured out Chloe spoke Chinese then they told her a bunch of stuff about Momma and Baba and I have no idea what they said to her, I'd love to know, but darn it, they KNEW I did not know what they were saying. Guess I got a taste of how she feels when we chatter away :(

Got my 2 new suitcases, bargained down to $23 for 2 medium sized name brand ones :) As long as they make the trip home they are worth it:) Bought Kat the cutest little coat, I love her little coats and SHOES, Kelly said "no more shoes." Can a girl have too many??

Kat is very homesick, she has been really sad. I was really glad we convinced the massage guys to do her little feet. They didn't want to do her at first but we insisted. They massaged her for over an hour, we thought just a small massage but she got the full treatment and did she ever love it. She nearly zonked out right in the chair, but for the giggling. The guy was very gentle and I was right beside her so I could tell him if I thought it was too much on her.

Chloe is saying MANY more English words, we have heard counting up to 10, colors, go, stop, baby, thank you, yes, no, she is slipping up and even volunteering some words she knows, which is wonderful. I am glad to hear her trying the words out on us.

I will be relieved to do the oath ceremony and be done today, we have a small side trip to take tomorrow, then home we come:) Only 4 more days till we fly, 5 till we are HOME.

There's no place like home, there's no place like home.... isn't that in a movie???? Ha ha.

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