Monday, February 23, 2009

What a sweetie we have!

The Year of Chloe, just gonna post mostly pics due to time, we check out here today. All done. I have another daughter, it's official. I am in love. She is really sweet, shy, wonderful. I hugged her after all was done and we were back in the hotel, I showed her the certificate of adoption and told her " I love you daughter" in Chinese and she hugged me back:)
PS. don't mind the hair today, Kelly said about going to breakfast ( she woke us at 7:20 am) and I said I would go without showering, then I saw her face and looked in the mirror and went "oh, dear,maybe not" I'm really mad at the darned hairdresser. Oh well, I've got my girl, nothing else really matters:)
We did sleep well, although I was up at 3 am just staring at her, I couldn't help myself.
She is gorgeous, a ton of hair,although she did cut it. It's not too short though. She is fascinated with the blog. I think it would be great to skype with another girl her age, already adopted to the US, hope I can arrange that for her. I think it will give her comfort.

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April said...

I've been following your blog for the last few days. Dannah Gresh, an author from State College, adopted a 13 year old girl, Autumn, from China in 2007. Dannah's website is - you very well may be able to arrange for Chloe to speak with Autumn if you give them a call.