Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The urge to SCREAM

So far I think I have been quite calm. I'm leaving for China in a week. Okay. Well, today I want to scream and it's not for JOY.

First I am sitting here waiting to book tickets. No word on if our Consulate Appointment request was accepted. THEN our Social worker (SW) e-mails. When are you leaving? Yippy yeah next week. Oh, do you have state clearance? HUH?????

As I am traveling with Miss Kat and NOT Baba this time, Chloe comes in the US on what is called an immigrant visa. This required state approval to even GET the visa to come home.

Can you just picture ME at the consulate finding this out? Oh no, let's not go there. SO as I e-mail agency to tell them what to fax to state and state assures me that we can still travel next week, it will not hold us up. OKAY.

My stress level is wayyyyyyy to high, let's help me by going over the good. We found our daughter. We are approved for her adoption. We are going to get her, we have travel approval. We have been blessed with the funds to get to her and bring her home.

We WILL get these roadblocks plowed down to the ground and be taking off next week. WE WILL. Someone called me patient, WOW, I've never heard that applied to me, but I will NOT give up on our girl. NOT an option.

Momma's coming Chloe, nothing stopping her.

Thank God your mother is a tenacious redhead, huh?


Lori said...

I'm so sorry you are dealing with last minute surprises! UGH!!! I totally understand your stress level...I would be the same way. Those kinds of things just put me in a panic for sure.

I'm praying right now!!!


Lori Lynn said...

I know you will get past all this. I am so excited for you and I am excited to read about your Chloe.

Lori W

Jen, Dave, Leah and Daniel said...

Just think of the beginning with all the hold ups. You got through that and you will get through this as well. Just keep thinking of the moment you see Chloe for the first time.
Oh, and screaming does help a little. Go ahead and let it out :)

Chad and Kristy said...

Agh! I am praying everything will be ok! I am so excited and can not wait to follow along! I have a feeling I am not going to get a lot of school work done those two weeks:) I will be glued to the computer!

Love Ya,

Donna said...

I hope all of the wrinkles smooth out really soon and you're able to enjoy this last part of the first chapter of your newest adventure. You'll very soon look back on all of this and it'll just be a blur.

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Jennifer said...

Hi! I see you've had yet another hurdle to cross. Girl, you should win a prize!! Oh wait - you will soon see your precious Chloe face to face! :) Love you blog!