Friday, February 13, 2009

Things to do

Well my plans have not gone exactly as I thought, some for the good, more for the bad, but here they are.

Things with the State all clear. We have a go. Our CA was accepted and we are booked with return ticket for Chloe. I could not remember how they told us to book for a child to come back, it's as much round ticket as one way and we wanted her on the same flights as us. So a nice man at Contien*ial fixed her ticket and I'll share how you do it.

You book a flight as if she is coming from China then going back as her round trip. The "going back" part is any date after she is home and will not be used but it gets you the same results. On the plane with us. We just cancel ticket return once she is here. We did it wrong, we booked her as a third person with us and when you do that and she doesn't show for the first leg to go to China, they would have cancelled her ticket. So now we have that taken care of.

Our visas are on their way to us. I thought they would be held up till Tuesday and we would have to wait for them so this is great news. I will feel much better having those in hand.

Bad news, ( can't have everything go smooth now) a Contien*ial flight went down today. Yikes, but always recall, it's safer to fly than to get in a car. Our funds for me to travel come Tuesday, not today- cutting that close. I had some bright idea a perm would help cut down my "get ready" time in China, WELLLLLL, let's just say 5 shampoos and 2 haircuts later, I no longer have long hair and I want to cry but it's just hair and it will grow.

At least I have hair. It's a shock, not one I wanted for our trip of a lifetime but really, can I be so vain? UHHH- yeah! I have only had short hair once in many years and it was due to a perm gone wrong ( did I forget that) but such is life. After salon #1 being rude and telling me never to come back ( although I DID get my money back) and salon #2 fixing it the best they could, I will learn to live with it, not much choice about it.

I did have to laugh as S said to me "mom, your hair, what happened?" And my precious daughter Kat said "mommy, you are soooo beautiful" without even knowing I had brought her chocolate :)

My daughter Chloe should have the news we are coming by now. I tried to tell her to not be scared, we love her, we are happy to be coming for her. We hope she can be excited and happy to know it's soon, just 10 days till I meet her. She is so brave, to leave everything and trust us to care for her, to come home with us. I am awed by her courage.

Hope she recognizes her short, curly. redheaded momma. No pics till it looks better, let's hope that's soon.


Lori said...

Oh my goodnes Vickie...a bad perm is the worst! And having to cut it short because of it is so upsetting! Oh I've been there, more than once I'm afraid. Glad you are taking it in stride because yes, it is just hair.

The good news is...You are so close to getting CHLOE!!!! That is awesome and I am so excited!! I will be living vicariously through you for a while! :)

shell said...

aawwww, come on Vickie....I wanna see how your hair looks. No pictures, for real?

Congrats on getting everything in order to go. What a relief, huh?

Chad and Kristy said...

I just can't believe your travel day is almost here!! I am so happy and excited for you! You might as well let us see the new cut:) You know you are going to have to post a picture of Chloe in your arms very soon:)

Lots of love to you and we will be praying your entire flight there and back. The only way I made it was picturing God's hand holding our plane in the air:)

Happy Valentine's Day!!