Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tea house, silk market, local lunch and tired girls

Today we ventured out to have a pedicab or rickshaw ride, we went around Beijing and got to have lunch in a local woman's home. WOW. They live so frugally- it's amazing. Her whole living space fit in my one livingroom. The woman was very nice, our guide discussed with us that everyone thinks the girls are twins, then when they look closer they decide they aren't but Kat has clearly caught up in the growing department compared to Caidi.

Our guide said our girls were very happy, we call it ornery, they call it happy. Okay. We told him they are happy to have mommas, of course. They both seem a bit nervous being here, quiet at times, but mostly energized like endless batteries are powering them. They are wanting to be called by their Chinese names, and our guide says Kat name means "peaceful deep red color" and Caidi's means "vibrant red color". Funny, they are so close in so many ways so no wonder. We were told Kat's second name meant "child" so this was interesting to learn.

Lunch was delicious, we had spicy chicken dish, rice, egg and tomato dish, and dumplings- oh how these girls LOVE dumplings. Then back to our ride and off to the silk market. Amazing those little bugs make such lovely things, glad I know the bugs are gone though, since I am bug phobic. I got pillow covers for my livingroom.

We went to a cool tea house, the tea was wonderful. I spent a bit on tea, couldn't help myself. It will last a long time and we had to get a pee pee boy after Kat and Caidi enjoyed the little clay boy you test the water temp with- he pees when it's the right temp. They laughed like nuts. Again, we gathered a crowd, we seem to do that a lot, or should I say the girls do, we are pretty sure the guide was picking up girls with our daughters following him all over and mine insisting on him carrying her.

Now the girls are watching a movie and Miss Kitty is trying to fall asleep, nope, not happening, she has another 2 hours to go before bedtime.

Can't believe I am so close to Chloe, it's hard to not want to leave NOW, go get her but we are enjoying Beijing, it's amazing here.


Lori said...

Sounds like you are having so much fun! But I know you are so eager to go get sweet Chloe girl!!

I love hearing about all your adventures!


Chad and Kristy said...

I am so glad you made it safely to Beijing! Sounds like so much fun:)

Gotcha Day is almost here!!


shell said...


The time is getting so close! I am so excited to see pictures of you and Miss Chloe together.

I know you are enjoying every minute, but anxious for the "reason" to be in China at this time.


Holly said...

I am just checking in on your blog, and how happy I am that I checked in when I did!! Hooray! You are there!! Can't wait to see your sweet Chloe... : )

Somewhere In The Sun said...

How cool that their names mean the same thing. Love them in their dresses too!