Thursday, February 5, 2009

TA is on the way

We have been informed our TA is on it's way. It's in the air, sent Tuesday and will arrive soon.

So far so good for Feb 19th. Everything is coming together. We have a document to have authenicated -doing it and visas via courier and they should all be back in time to fly on that birdie up in the sky, far far away, to get our girl!!!

The boys are all sick. Camden actually had to be brought home from school, I thought he should not go at all, but he insisted then ended up calling me to come get him. The boy LOVES school.

I have been woken up at 3 am for so many nights I now automatically get up at 3 to see who is bawling. Last night it was S. S and H were off to the doctor today, S with an ear infection and H with a sinus infection. Mom already called her doctor for her sinus infection they have given me. Hope all this illness gets cleared up for our travel and we are healthy then.
Just 2 weeks away!!!!

I remain strangely calm. I am not panicked at all. Why? Don't know, I just know I have wanted this time to come for so long, I am in shock it is finally going to happen. I told Baba tonight- just 18 days till I meet our daughter. Unreal. He asked if she knew. NOPE- not yet, don't want to tell her then have it fall through. I will NOT disappoint her like that. So it has to be confirmed, tickets bought before she is going to know.

Pictures of Miss Grump in the a.m., not a morning person that girl, I can't imagine her going to school but it's coming. They sent home a paper for any child that had a sibling old enough to register them for next year. I wanted to cry. My last baby going off to school. WAHHHHHHH.

She's gonna love it, I hope I survive.

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themommie said...

Congratulations. I know you have been waiting so long to go get your girl. It must seem surreal. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers......themommie