Friday, February 27, 2009

Sickness in Wuhan

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Well, we can't have too easy of a day, can we? Kat is now sick. We thought yesterday's adventurous ride was too much for her, she does not ride well, but today she started her day darting for the bathroom. Poor girl. She tried to eat breakfast and seemed to perk up a little.

We ventured out briefly to get strollers for the girls, a bit old for them, but they help keep them out of the line of traffic. We also stopped at a store another adoptive family found here, we met them in the hall, we got a ton of stuff for about $50, coats for both girls, outfits for all 3 girls and the cutest pink Hello K*tty shoes.

I have a TERRIBLE time getting Chloe to spend any money, she does not want to get anything for herself. I told the guide to tell her to get used to it, mom loves to shop:) Gotta get her in the swing of things quickly. Retail therapy. Did us wonders.

Back to the hotel as Kat was drooping, bad. She was sick again, feverish and went to bed. We are hanging out here to try and get her better before we leave, yes, off we go again, to GuangZhou.

Our guide spoke with Chloe some about things I wished to know, I waited since she was more comfortable with our guide now after a few days, but what she told me broke my heart. I cried. It's her story so I won't share out of respect for her but let me tell you, this is one incredibly brave and wonderful child that I get to love. I am sooo thankful for that blessing.

She is sleeping now, either emotionally exhausted or sick, I am not sure, but we are letting her rest to heal either way. She is moving forward and opening up, smiles and fun play from her. I also LOVE how she insists on lining up all our shoes, it's so cute to see, she is very helpful in any way she can help.

I feel such a deep love for her, she got close to the road yesterday and I said her name sharply and put myself between her and the car coming, it was just a natural reaction for me, to protect my child. And that she is, my child. A precious, precious gift. I cherish this daughter as I do the others, and all those boys too:) Can't forget them....... have they burned down the house yet Baba???


Deb said...

Praying for quick healing. Thank you for sharing these precious moments. You are a wonderful mama! Deb S

Somewhere In The Sun said...

I'm so sorry Kat is sick. I'll be praying for her. Your words about Chloe really got to me. Our little ones have gone through so much and most of it we may never know. You are so blessed to have each other now.