Saturday, February 28, 2009

Settling in GuangZhou

I am happy to say we had an uneventful trip to Guangzhou:) It was Chloe's first time on a plane, she did really well. Not scared at all.

It took most of the day to get here, but we got to unpack finally, as we are here for 5 nights. YEAH! We got Chloe's visa picture done then we ate at a Thai place and Chloe ate the first real "meal" I have seen. She ate almost a whole plate of shrimp to herself, then went to the duck on a stick, then grabbed a few of Kat's fries and had 3 chicken wings. I was happy to see her get her fill of food. We went to Susan's place afterwards, she is a wonderful, friendly woman.

I got a few small things I wanted to get and ordered a necklace for Chloe she picked out with beads and a pig, she was born in the year of the Pig. Susan said she could not believe we would come here for an older child, I said "why not?" Chloe is perfect to us, just as she is. She said about her having memories, well, don't we all?

I saw some neat stuff I gotta go back for, it was getting late and we needed to go. We stopped off at Star b*cks, ooohhhhh, hot chocolate. We were trying to order looking the pictures, when Kelly yells out "iced latte coffee and the boy at the counter repeated it. I was so surprised, they laughed, since we are so used to no one speaking English or if they do, they do not admit it.

I need to buy more luggage, I didn't want to do it till we got here since we have been laughed at from Beijing- Zhengzhou, Wuhan, to Guangzhou, airports, hotels, van drivers, think we are nuts to have so much luggage. Men, what do they know about 5 girls traveling? We paid overweight charges ( for the bags not us) twice.

Tomorrow is a free day, we are going shopping. The dollar is dropping here, of course, now that we are here and want to shop:(

Kat seems to be better, no more vomiting, she ate a little supper and has kept it down. I think she is on the mend. Thanks for all the prayers and support, we are glad to be here and be able to finish the adoption paperwork and get our girl home. She is scared of the Skype, I think, so she will not spend any time talking to anyone. Either that or the shyness, she is quite shy with everyone, but she is getting closer and much more relaxed with me.

No pics today, using Victory Hotel computer, so no access to post pics, will catch up tomorrow, too tired tonight.


Lori said...

Glad you made it safely to Guangzhou. I love it there!! And I remember Susan's place and how very sweet she is.

So funny on the baggage thing! Yep, 5 girls travelling, plus shopping still to do...ummm, yeah you gotta have a lot of suitcases!!

I have been praying for happy to hear that she is better.


Somewhere In The Sun said...

I hope you can relax and enjoy your time on the island. We stayed at the Victory too. I'm glad Kat is feeling better and Chloe is eating! :)

Have fun shopping!!


Deb said...

I LOVED the pictures of our Feng Gao Xiang! Thank you so much! I remember Sam and Susan too and look forward to seeing them again in a few weeks. I regretted that I didn't buy silk Christmas stockings from them when I was there adopting Lydia. Maybe this time...Praying you are all feeling well and enjoying wonderful time, weather, food, everything. Blessings, Deb

Holly said...

So happy Kat is doing better!! That would be my nightmare to have sick kids over there. Hang in will be home soon!! : )