Thursday, February 26, 2009

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Okay, here you go. Pictures. And lots of them:) Not so much of our girl but some mommas NEED these pictures so they get dibs on pictures today:) Enjoy! We made it to Wuhan. Not without incident, of course. Rain, all day, and flooding. Kat barfed on me as it took 3 1/2 hours to get here, a normal 2 hour drive. Yuck.

I have no coat till tomorrow, nor does she. It's okay though, we are considering vegging in the hotel as we are about bushed. I really need to go to GuangZhou and UNPACK- we haven't been anywhere longer than 3 days and I need to nest or something. I'm getting weird and burnt out. I hugged a dude in the lobby just 'cause he was an American. Thank God he took me in stride and didn't run. ( don't worry Baba he was elderly:)

Chloe is smiling more. She was clearly happy to leave the orphanage and when asked did not wish to visit her school. We stopped in for a short time this a.m. to get pictures and drop off things we donated. We went to the grocery store and bought 7 HUGE cans of formula, 3 packs of diapers, 5 bottles of vitamins, bananas, apples, oranges, nuts and a basketball for about $110. SOOOOO worth the $$$$

The orphanage city is poor, it's very obvious, but the orphanage is clean with a nice courtyard/play area for the children. The nannies love these kiddos, they cry when one got up and went to the other side of the room! They need cleft bottles and AC for the second floor. Cleft bottles can only come from the US, not be bought here. We saw about 25 kids, all SN except 2 girls. They said about 152 children total in this orphanage. All that I knew were getting parents soon got kisses from me, sent by their mommas.

I also got the name issues clarified, the last name of children here will change each new year, the old name, which all children were given, including Chloe, was a name that branded her an orphan, it is not a family name. The new names given are family names which benefits children that are not adopted, of course, and even older children being adopted but of school age.

As I said, Chloe is smiling more, she is doing great, tonight we had comfort food (MDonald) and she ate fries and liked her shake but the burger had some spicy sauce that I had to wipe off to eat, she wouldn't even eat it, and she likes the spicy stuff.

Gotta run and try to check mail, I miss everyone, I wish it would stop raining, I hope GuangZhou is sunny and nice, but even if it is not, we are doing well, hanging tough and making our way toward the downward stretch:)


Deb said...

Thank you for the pictures! I am not sure if I saw Matthew there. I am on to finding out about cleft bottles to bring. Hoping for warm dry weather for you soon! Deb S

ronvic7 said...

He's on the mat in the red shirt, black pants and undershirt. We asked specifically to see him. Please check my post on group.

Deb said...

Hi Vickie! Thank you so much for the pictures! He looks so precious and ready for our family! Thank you Thank you Thankyou!!!!!!!!!!! Deb S