Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Leaving Early

Okay, I admit it, I'm a wimp. I can't take the rocks, I mean, beds we are sleeping on. The food sucks, the phone, lights, room key, many "important things" here do not work. It's a pain, the weather is rain, rain,fog, more rain.

More importantly, Chloe seems ready to move on. She is clearly okay with going, the guide talked with her and she is fine with going on, she has nothing else she wants to do here.
So we move on to Wuhan tomorrow for 2 days till we go on to GuangZhou. We visit the orphanage tomorrow again when we take some things they need back, they asked for diapers, vitamins and formula when we asked if what they needed for any of the children the worst.

Chloe asked that we provide air conditioning for the 2nd floor, if we could, but it being winter and cold right now, I thought maybe the yahoo group for her orphanage may be willing to help with the cost of that. It's a bit more than we can do alone. She was very understanding with the guide telling her we will try our best to do that soon.

The orphanage visit was hard, we never visited Kat's, weren't allowed so it was a non-issue. I wanted to scoop up a few ( especially a little guy with Down's) and pack him, I told them I brought big luggage and I think they were not saying "no"- also when we went to the baby room, Kat decided she found herself a baby she wanted, another little guy with Down's and the softest hair. Just adorable. But don't worry Baba, I only left with the legit one:)

We took the kids chocolate kisses and they went nuts, practically ripping them from my hands. I left 2 whole bags for them and hot chocolate. We did not get to see the older children:(

So many of the nannies came to see us, they had to see LuYun's mamma, it was funny, but they obviously care deeply about her and are happy for her. She took pictures, I gave her a disposable but my girl is no dummy, no screen for seeing picture, no thanks:) She confiscated Kelly's camera and she was so funny, she was calling each little kid over and posing them. They all are very used to her, she must have helped with all of them often. One little boy took to Kelly, I thought she could use a son??? He is so small, I thought 6, maybe 7 and was shocked when they said 9 years old. Another girl was 11 and also quite small. Almost all are SN.

We could not have an accident free day, why not?? I fell, walking out of restaurant at lunch, tiny steps blending in with the floor, guide talking to me, and down I went. Scared me more than anything, but Kat was on top of me immediately " momma you okay, you okay, poor momma" as the 4 waiters and 3 waitresses and who knows how many more mean spirited hotel people LAUGHED at me. No offers of help from them, I was more embarrassed than anything, worse than them laundering my granny wear. Meanies.

Oiy, I miss home. I hope I make it there in one piece. Look at my girls in their matching PJ's and tell me if that smile doesn't warm your heart?? I love this girl so much, she is worth it ALL.......


Mission To Macie said...

you are having quite an exciting trip! stay on your feet! LOL

your girl is beautiful! I am enjoying following along. she looks like she is settling in...i love that pic of you and kat and her in the hall.........she is holding your arm........and that is soooooooooo sweet!

Jill and Macie

Lori Lynn said...

I am stunned that it is culturally acceptable to LAUGH at someone who has fallen. I am wishing you a speedy return with no more accidents. Chloe is wonderful. I cannot wait to read more about her.

Lori W

Anita A. said...

I was so glad to see Youzhi the young boy in your picture today (we called him "Chris"). We tried to see if we could sponsor surgery for his cataracts. He had already had one surgery. But after taking him to the eye doctor, they determined that his eye's would not tolerate another surgery and might actually end up worse. He is such a sweet boy and so eager to learn. I'll tell you something else...he heard about the Heavenly Baba.

ronvic7 said...

We have so many more pictures of the orphanage children, going back today as well, internet is so spotty here, can't blog well. Chloe is wonderful, I have so much to tell all about her- what a brave girl! Deb S did you get your e-mail from me???????

Deb said...

Hi Vickie, I did not get the e-mail from you. I did get a call today with a tentative consulate appointment 3-30-09.And tentative gotcha day of 3-23-09. And I am on to the air conditioner idea for 2nd floor. My agency is checking on the price, and if it seems like I could raise the funds at church, I would love to buy one when we go at the end of March.You are such an encouragement to me. Maybe the e-mail was not let through? Love, Deb S

Holly said...

Aw, I love the pictures! I am so sorry you fell! I agree, I would have been mortified too. :) Oh well. At least you didn't end up in the hospital. Can't wait to read more...