Monday, February 23, 2009

Here she is!!

Our Chloe. Amazing. So brave, a tear or two when we came into the room. I was able to get a kiss on the cheek in, she promptly wiped my kiss off. She's my kid alright.

She was shy and nervous, but soon started playing with her mei mei Kat, and her honorary mei mei Caidi. Caidi was a tad jealous that Kat was getting a big sis and was worried Chloe would take her place:) Silly girl, they are all Min sisters.

We asked if she would like to be called Lu Yun or Chloe, she said either. We did all the paperwork for the civil affairs office and notary, the guide will go back and get paperwork that is the translated copies tomorrow and then we will be done here.

We gave her the Nintendo DS we had for her, she is curious, trying to figure it out. I told Baba when we skyped, she is a wild woman! Too funny but she is running around like a nut. Checking out everything, into everything. But she would not let us help with or touch her backpack, she came with, the one I sent her with everything we have sent her in it:)

We went to eat since we hadn't eaten since breakfast, and she ate less than I expected, but she ate well. She helped us with the ordering, she is not shy when it comes to food. She seems very proud to help us with any issues if the language as far as translating for us, and she can easily read the dictionary I brought in both languages, so we knew she was full at dinner.

After I tackled her and kissed her then Kat, she is starting to touch me, just a hand here and there, it's cute like she is trying me out- it's a good start. She let me paint her fingernails on one hand, she had done the other hand.

When the guide left us a the restaurant she said Chloe knew what was going on and was fine with everything, so I guess that means we are acceptable:) She told the guide "byebye" just like she meant " go, I have them now".

She told the guide she is in 6th grade now, she goes to school herself after going to the public bath every day ( not sure what that is) and she has been to Beijing on a field trip for school before, but the train ride in was her first train ride.

I think she is yanking my chain too, she doesn't want to take her hair down and told me she cut it, that it was too hot, I can see it is very long in the bun she has it in. So we'll fight that battle another day, 'cause today is just to sweet for words.

She's wonderful, a handful, fun, beautiful and we are thrilled with her, just thrilled. It's so surreal to see my 2 daughters with their heads together watching Ice Age with Chinese subtitles for Chloe:)

Her sister was acting like a nut in the Civil Affairs office and we caught the first Chloe smile, between Kat's hand and feet, but I got it on film. She has a precious smile. I told her I loved her and that she is beautiful, she just smiles, then hides her face, she is shy.
We are good, we are all good...................The Year of Chloe. Thank you God for this child.


Lori said...

Oh how exciting!! Chloe is so beautiful and looks like she is going to fit in just fine!

God is so good! And I pray that your first few days of transition will be smooth and sweet.

Jen, Dave, Leah and Daniel said...

Congrats! She is beautiful :)
Love the way you are looking at her in the one photo.

Lori Lynn said...

Awesome! I cannot wait to watch her come out of her shell and become comfortable around you. She has so many wonders ahead of her. What a great start.


Lori W

Kathy said...

Chloe is so beautiul!! Congratulations! Will be praying
for all of you as you and get to know each other.


themommie said...

so happy you finally have chloe, it is so fun to finally see the sisters together. It will be great to see them warm up to each other and become best of friends as fit into the family as she becomes more comfortable....themommie

Tamara said...

So glad that you have her! The story is amazing and it will be wonderful to watch as she figures out her place in her new family!

xmalyab33 said...

Hi, Vickie! Chloe is very pretty! Even prettier now than in the previous pictures. I'm excited we'll be giving her a good home. Tell her I said hello and I can't wait to meet her.

Love you all!

Ladyblog said...

Congrats!!! I hope the rest of your trip goes well! What a beautiful new daughter you have.

Jean said...

I am so glad to have found your blog! Congratulations on your new daughter- Chloe! I am excited to follow your journey!
Blessings to all of you!
Jean (journey to Sarah Grace)

Somewhere In The Sun said...

Oh my she's wonderful! It sounds like she is doing really well for just meeting you. It's so great that Kat could be there.