Sunday, February 1, 2009

God smiled on us

Did you ever think about your tax refund like Christmas for adults? Well, we DO! It's the one time everyone who calls us NUTS for having all these kids- are briefly- even for a tiny second- wishing they were us.

This year that tax appointment meant a ton to us. Firstly, of course, was the funds to go to China. We started Chloe's adoption on a HUGE leap of faith, with LAST year's tax refund. We had no clue how we were GETTING to China.

So as we went over our taxes info and they added in our baby for the year- first we were never told you can claim foster kids till this year. So there was a blessing. Then as I cried when asked how long the baby was with us and I answered 9 months 12 days- I KNOW that boy was leaning over his cloud and saying "it is time yet Father, is it time?" to God.

Together our baby and our Heavenly Father enjoyed the shock and elation of us getting the news of our total return. "PLEASE,enough to go to China," I prayed over and over, and answer He did. I am sure He smiled as His children grinned at each other through momma's tears and our disbelief.

We never dreamed we would have this long of a wait but apparently it was for a reason, to have the $$ to get there:) And He came through.

Kat is having issues with "HOW LONG IS IT!" So as of today, she has her Feb calendar, she is allowed to put on one sticker per day when she awakens ( since I heard - "I put a sticker on MOM) at 7 a.m. Yeah, it's Sunday but someone forgot to tell children and a bunny went missing in covers which is just horrible here, so at 7 am there were screams and yells of "where's bunny?" Ahhhh, I love 'em.

At least I don't have to hear "when do we go?" You know, Go, China, go, for Chloe, go to China for Chloe, then S says "CHINA- CHLOE?"

We have tentative dates of leaving Feb 18, spend night near airport at cousin's house ( thanks Connie:) start our trip early Feb 19, land in Beijing Feb 20. We will be meeting Chloe Feb 23. Do you realize this is 22 days away???????? DAYS- not weeks now, we are counting down DAYS.

Mom is feeling better and packing and repacking!


Chad and Kristy said...

That is great news! I am so happy for you and praying for the day you have Chloe in your arms:)

Love Ya,

bbmomof2boys said...

It's amazing how if we put our trust in God things just come together!! There is a reason for everything. I waited a year for my dh to say yes to adoption then extra few months while we discussed going special needs. Just thinking that if we had started earlier we wouldn't have Little T!

God is good!


ps....OMG!! You're going to get Chloe!!!!!! :)