Tuesday, February 24, 2009

At XinYang

Posting in purple just 'cause it's girly:)

We had a lovely (NOT) ride here in a van- a 5 hour drive which is normally 3 hours due to the fog, snow, sleet, rain, very poor visibility. We even had to turn around due to a mud slide on the road. WOW.

This was after we went back to the notary for the final paperwork to leave, I check the English all out and give the heads up. The guide checks the Chinese, uhhh ohh. One character off, a "circle" translated instead of a U- turn, on a copy. So the orphanage was called, faxed a new copy and after an hour or so we had it all fixed and were on our way. Thank God we made it here safe, the driver got a huge tip for accomplishing that.

We are staying across from Chloe's orphanage, we are here for a few days then on to GuangZhou. The hotel is a business man hotel, meaning uncomfortable ( try a box spring for a mattress) we have bruises on hips from sleeping on them. But we knew it would be "roughing it" and are okay with it to be here.

Breakfast was interesting to say the least, no juice, water, just a rice based steamed milk that was pretty good with some sugar. Chloe, our cool kid, helped me ask for juice, not that it got us any. But I have a small dictionary that gives me the English word and her the character, and we can communicate pretty well. We won't talk about the food, let's just say we are thankful I had one suitcase of snacks/easy foods we can make in our room.

As for our girl, she is getting more and more comfortable with me. She is good with Kat, she watches out for her and I had to tell her to take back her Nintendo DS ( it has her name on it after all) when Kat is hogging it:) She is good about telling Kat "go" when she wants to go to the bathroom and nosey Kat thinks she must follow her there.

Chloe is quiet, but not unhappy. She was watching Garfield on TV and we laughed together, she has the cutest little laugh. She is a little nervous when it's time to anywhere, it's quite easy to read in posture, but even that is easing up and she is trusting me more. I come to Kelly's room across the hall to Skype and she watches and checks to make sure I am still here often, I stay in her sight.

She is fascinated with my camera, taking pics on her own, she likes the markers we brought, the V-sm*le and Bar*ie computer toy I brought for her. She said thank you to me this morning, she doesn't say much in English so I do not really have any idea how much she knows.

I can only say I am thrilled to be her momma, she is nervous on Skype with all the kids, she is shy, so they see her briefly and she she's gone:) As for my lovely family---

Debra, I did NOT tell you that you could SHAVE S and H's heads. You are in trouble! I have worked 3 months to get some hair on them! Not blaming me for that girlfriend. Kath, I am alive, not getting yaho* mail would be my guess. Not sure why. Baba, hang in there. Mom, thanks for the new undies, ya didn't tell me they would hold up the girls they are so honking huge, I am sure the Chinese ladies doing my wash today are HOWLING over the size of those suckers, unless they think I wear them for a shirt. Let's hope. Lord, help me.

Loving the comments everyone, it seems to be all I can read so keep 'em coming, it's a piece of home for me. Chloe's gonna have a ball there. Mal- she's a lot like you, I think you will enjoy a quiet sister for a change:)
I miss everyone, and we send our love.


Tamara said...

Glad to know Chloe is doing so well- and adjusting easily.
I don't miss the "hard as a rock" beds in China- just the food and shopping.

Lori said...

Vickie...I love, love, love your posts and pictures!! Keep em' coming! It looks like Chloe is doing so well! I'm so thankful that she is fitting in and feeling comfortable. What a HUGE blessing!!

I hope you are keeping mental notes on what works well in those first few days and what doesn't. I will be picking your brain later!

It is just so much fun to be "with" you as you are in China...I can't wait till it's my turn!!

Thanks for keeping us updated! I love it!

Deb said...

Thanks for sharing your blog. I am soon to make the trip too. Once I fax my I-600 form, they will make a consulate appointment. I am thinking that I will be there by mid March for Feng Gao Xiang. My agency did not know if I would get permission to visit the orphanage. I am hoping I will. Thanks again, Deb

Holly said...

So happy to be joining you on your sweet journey to your Chloe. I will pray for good bonding and a smooth transition!

Holly Gilliam