Saturday, February 28, 2009

Settling in GuangZhou

I am happy to say we had an uneventful trip to Guangzhou:) It was Chloe's first time on a plane, she did really well. Not scared at all.

It took most of the day to get here, but we got to unpack finally, as we are here for 5 nights. YEAH! We got Chloe's visa picture done then we ate at a Thai place and Chloe ate the first real "meal" I have seen. She ate almost a whole plate of shrimp to herself, then went to the duck on a stick, then grabbed a few of Kat's fries and had 3 chicken wings. I was happy to see her get her fill of food. We went to Susan's place afterwards, she is a wonderful, friendly woman.

I got a few small things I wanted to get and ordered a necklace for Chloe she picked out with beads and a pig, she was born in the year of the Pig. Susan said she could not believe we would come here for an older child, I said "why not?" Chloe is perfect to us, just as she is. She said about her having memories, well, don't we all?

I saw some neat stuff I gotta go back for, it was getting late and we needed to go. We stopped off at Star b*cks, ooohhhhh, hot chocolate. We were trying to order looking the pictures, when Kelly yells out "iced latte coffee and the boy at the counter repeated it. I was so surprised, they laughed, since we are so used to no one speaking English or if they do, they do not admit it.

I need to buy more luggage, I didn't want to do it till we got here since we have been laughed at from Beijing- Zhengzhou, Wuhan, to Guangzhou, airports, hotels, van drivers, think we are nuts to have so much luggage. Men, what do they know about 5 girls traveling? We paid overweight charges ( for the bags not us) twice.

Tomorrow is a free day, we are going shopping. The dollar is dropping here, of course, now that we are here and want to shop:(

Kat seems to be better, no more vomiting, she ate a little supper and has kept it down. I think she is on the mend. Thanks for all the prayers and support, we are glad to be here and be able to finish the adoption paperwork and get our girl home. She is scared of the Skype, I think, so she will not spend any time talking to anyone. Either that or the shyness, she is quite shy with everyone, but she is getting closer and much more relaxed with me.

No pics today, using Victory Hotel computer, so no access to post pics, will catch up tomorrow, too tired tonight.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Sickness in Wuhan

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Well, we can't have too easy of a day, can we? Kat is now sick. We thought yesterday's adventurous ride was too much for her, she does not ride well, but today she started her day darting for the bathroom. Poor girl. She tried to eat breakfast and seemed to perk up a little.

We ventured out briefly to get strollers for the girls, a bit old for them, but they help keep them out of the line of traffic. We also stopped at a store another adoptive family found here, we met them in the hall, we got a ton of stuff for about $50, coats for both girls, outfits for all 3 girls and the cutest pink Hello K*tty shoes.

I have a TERRIBLE time getting Chloe to spend any money, she does not want to get anything for herself. I told the guide to tell her to get used to it, mom loves to shop:) Gotta get her in the swing of things quickly. Retail therapy. Did us wonders.

Back to the hotel as Kat was drooping, bad. She was sick again, feverish and went to bed. We are hanging out here to try and get her better before we leave, yes, off we go again, to GuangZhou.

Our guide spoke with Chloe some about things I wished to know, I waited since she was more comfortable with our guide now after a few days, but what she told me broke my heart. I cried. It's her story so I won't share out of respect for her but let me tell you, this is one incredibly brave and wonderful child that I get to love. I am sooo thankful for that blessing.

She is sleeping now, either emotionally exhausted or sick, I am not sure, but we are letting her rest to heal either way. She is moving forward and opening up, smiles and fun play from her. I also LOVE how she insists on lining up all our shoes, it's so cute to see, she is very helpful in any way she can help.

I feel such a deep love for her, she got close to the road yesterday and I said her name sharply and put myself between her and the car coming, it was just a natural reaction for me, to protect my child. And that she is, my child. A precious, precious gift. I cherish this daughter as I do the others, and all those boys too:) Can't forget them....... have they burned down the house yet Baba???

Thursday, February 26, 2009

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Okay, here you go. Pictures. And lots of them:) Not so much of our girl but some mommas NEED these pictures so they get dibs on pictures today:) Enjoy! We made it to Wuhan. Not without incident, of course. Rain, all day, and flooding. Kat barfed on me as it took 3 1/2 hours to get here, a normal 2 hour drive. Yuck.

I have no coat till tomorrow, nor does she. It's okay though, we are considering vegging in the hotel as we are about bushed. I really need to go to GuangZhou and UNPACK- we haven't been anywhere longer than 3 days and I need to nest or something. I'm getting weird and burnt out. I hugged a dude in the lobby just 'cause he was an American. Thank God he took me in stride and didn't run. ( don't worry Baba he was elderly:)

Chloe is smiling more. She was clearly happy to leave the orphanage and when asked did not wish to visit her school. We stopped in for a short time this a.m. to get pictures and drop off things we donated. We went to the grocery store and bought 7 HUGE cans of formula, 3 packs of diapers, 5 bottles of vitamins, bananas, apples, oranges, nuts and a basketball for about $110. SOOOOO worth the $$$$

The orphanage city is poor, it's very obvious, but the orphanage is clean with a nice courtyard/play area for the children. The nannies love these kiddos, they cry when one got up and went to the other side of the room! They need cleft bottles and AC for the second floor. Cleft bottles can only come from the US, not be bought here. We saw about 25 kids, all SN except 2 girls. They said about 152 children total in this orphanage. All that I knew were getting parents soon got kisses from me, sent by their mommas.

I also got the name issues clarified, the last name of children here will change each new year, the old name, which all children were given, including Chloe, was a name that branded her an orphan, it is not a family name. The new names given are family names which benefits children that are not adopted, of course, and even older children being adopted but of school age.

As I said, Chloe is smiling more, she is doing great, tonight we had comfort food (MDonald) and she ate fries and liked her shake but the burger had some spicy sauce that I had to wipe off to eat, she wouldn't even eat it, and she likes the spicy stuff.

Gotta run and try to check mail, I miss everyone, I wish it would stop raining, I hope GuangZhou is sunny and nice, but even if it is not, we are doing well, hanging tough and making our way toward the downward stretch:)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Leaving Early

Okay, I admit it, I'm a wimp. I can't take the rocks, I mean, beds we are sleeping on. The food sucks, the phone, lights, room key, many "important things" here do not work. It's a pain, the weather is rain, rain,fog, more rain.

More importantly, Chloe seems ready to move on. She is clearly okay with going, the guide talked with her and she is fine with going on, she has nothing else she wants to do here.
So we move on to Wuhan tomorrow for 2 days till we go on to GuangZhou. We visit the orphanage tomorrow again when we take some things they need back, they asked for diapers, vitamins and formula when we asked if what they needed for any of the children the worst.

Chloe asked that we provide air conditioning for the 2nd floor, if we could, but it being winter and cold right now, I thought maybe the yahoo group for her orphanage may be willing to help with the cost of that. It's a bit more than we can do alone. She was very understanding with the guide telling her we will try our best to do that soon.

The orphanage visit was hard, we never visited Kat's, weren't allowed so it was a non-issue. I wanted to scoop up a few ( especially a little guy with Down's) and pack him, I told them I brought big luggage and I think they were not saying "no"- also when we went to the baby room, Kat decided she found herself a baby she wanted, another little guy with Down's and the softest hair. Just adorable. But don't worry Baba, I only left with the legit one:)

We took the kids chocolate kisses and they went nuts, practically ripping them from my hands. I left 2 whole bags for them and hot chocolate. We did not get to see the older children:(

So many of the nannies came to see us, they had to see LuYun's mamma, it was funny, but they obviously care deeply about her and are happy for her. She took pictures, I gave her a disposable but my girl is no dummy, no screen for seeing picture, no thanks:) She confiscated Kelly's camera and she was so funny, she was calling each little kid over and posing them. They all are very used to her, she must have helped with all of them often. One little boy took to Kelly, I thought she could use a son??? He is so small, I thought 6, maybe 7 and was shocked when they said 9 years old. Another girl was 11 and also quite small. Almost all are SN.

We could not have an accident free day, why not?? I fell, walking out of restaurant at lunch, tiny steps blending in with the floor, guide talking to me, and down I went. Scared me more than anything, but Kat was on top of me immediately " momma you okay, you okay, poor momma" as the 4 waiters and 3 waitresses and who knows how many more mean spirited hotel people LAUGHED at me. No offers of help from them, I was more embarrassed than anything, worse than them laundering my granny wear. Meanies.

Oiy, I miss home. I hope I make it there in one piece. Look at my girls in their matching PJ's and tell me if that smile doesn't warm your heart?? I love this girl so much, she is worth it ALL.......

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

At XinYang

Posting in purple just 'cause it's girly:)

We had a lovely (NOT) ride here in a van- a 5 hour drive which is normally 3 hours due to the fog, snow, sleet, rain, very poor visibility. We even had to turn around due to a mud slide on the road. WOW.

This was after we went back to the notary for the final paperwork to leave, I check the English all out and give the heads up. The guide checks the Chinese, uhhh ohh. One character off, a "circle" translated instead of a U- turn, on a copy. So the orphanage was called, faxed a new copy and after an hour or so we had it all fixed and were on our way. Thank God we made it here safe, the driver got a huge tip for accomplishing that.

We are staying across from Chloe's orphanage, we are here for a few days then on to GuangZhou. The hotel is a business man hotel, meaning uncomfortable ( try a box spring for a mattress) we have bruises on hips from sleeping on them. But we knew it would be "roughing it" and are okay with it to be here.

Breakfast was interesting to say the least, no juice, water, just a rice based steamed milk that was pretty good with some sugar. Chloe, our cool kid, helped me ask for juice, not that it got us any. But I have a small dictionary that gives me the English word and her the character, and we can communicate pretty well. We won't talk about the food, let's just say we are thankful I had one suitcase of snacks/easy foods we can make in our room.

As for our girl, she is getting more and more comfortable with me. She is good with Kat, she watches out for her and I had to tell her to take back her Nintendo DS ( it has her name on it after all) when Kat is hogging it:) She is good about telling Kat "go" when she wants to go to the bathroom and nosey Kat thinks she must follow her there.

Chloe is quiet, but not unhappy. She was watching Garfield on TV and we laughed together, she has the cutest little laugh. She is a little nervous when it's time to anywhere, it's quite easy to read in posture, but even that is easing up and she is trusting me more. I come to Kelly's room across the hall to Skype and she watches and checks to make sure I am still here often, I stay in her sight.

She is fascinated with my camera, taking pics on her own, she likes the markers we brought, the V-sm*le and Bar*ie computer toy I brought for her. She said thank you to me this morning, she doesn't say much in English so I do not really have any idea how much she knows.

I can only say I am thrilled to be her momma, she is nervous on Skype with all the kids, she is shy, so they see her briefly and she she's gone:) As for my lovely family---

Debra, I did NOT tell you that you could SHAVE S and H's heads. You are in trouble! I have worked 3 months to get some hair on them! Not blaming me for that girlfriend. Kath, I am alive, not getting yaho* mail would be my guess. Not sure why. Baba, hang in there. Mom, thanks for the new undies, ya didn't tell me they would hold up the girls they are so honking huge, I am sure the Chinese ladies doing my wash today are HOWLING over the size of those suckers, unless they think I wear them for a shirt. Let's hope. Lord, help me.

Loving the comments everyone, it seems to be all I can read so keep 'em coming, it's a piece of home for me. Chloe's gonna have a ball there. Mal- she's a lot like you, I think you will enjoy a quiet sister for a change:)
I miss everyone, and we send our love.

Monday, February 23, 2009

What a sweetie we have!

The Year of Chloe, just gonna post mostly pics due to time, we check out here today. All done. I have another daughter, it's official. I am in love. She is really sweet, shy, wonderful. I hugged her after all was done and we were back in the hotel, I showed her the certificate of adoption and told her " I love you daughter" in Chinese and she hugged me back:)
PS. don't mind the hair today, Kelly said about going to breakfast ( she woke us at 7:20 am) and I said I would go without showering, then I saw her face and looked in the mirror and went "oh, dear,maybe not" I'm really mad at the darned hairdresser. Oh well, I've got my girl, nothing else really matters:)
We did sleep well, although I was up at 3 am just staring at her, I couldn't help myself.
She is gorgeous, a ton of hair,although she did cut it. It's not too short though. She is fascinated with the blog. I think it would be great to skype with another girl her age, already adopted to the US, hope I can arrange that for her. I think it will give her comfort.

Here she is!!

Our Chloe. Amazing. So brave, a tear or two when we came into the room. I was able to get a kiss on the cheek in, she promptly wiped my kiss off. She's my kid alright.

She was shy and nervous, but soon started playing with her mei mei Kat, and her honorary mei mei Caidi. Caidi was a tad jealous that Kat was getting a big sis and was worried Chloe would take her place:) Silly girl, they are all Min sisters.

We asked if she would like to be called Lu Yun or Chloe, she said either. We did all the paperwork for the civil affairs office and notary, the guide will go back and get paperwork that is the translated copies tomorrow and then we will be done here.

We gave her the Nintendo DS we had for her, she is curious, trying to figure it out. I told Baba when we skyped, she is a wild woman! Too funny but she is running around like a nut. Checking out everything, into everything. But she would not let us help with or touch her backpack, she came with, the one I sent her with everything we have sent her in it:)

We went to eat since we hadn't eaten since breakfast, and she ate less than I expected, but she ate well. She helped us with the ordering, she is not shy when it comes to food. She seems very proud to help us with any issues if the language as far as translating for us, and she can easily read the dictionary I brought in both languages, so we knew she was full at dinner.

After I tackled her and kissed her then Kat, she is starting to touch me, just a hand here and there, it's cute like she is trying me out- it's a good start. She let me paint her fingernails on one hand, she had done the other hand.

When the guide left us a the restaurant she said Chloe knew what was going on and was fine with everything, so I guess that means we are acceptable:) She told the guide "byebye" just like she meant " go, I have them now".

She told the guide she is in 6th grade now, she goes to school herself after going to the public bath every day ( not sure what that is) and she has been to Beijing on a field trip for school before, but the train ride in was her first train ride.

I think she is yanking my chain too, she doesn't want to take her hair down and told me she cut it, that it was too hot, I can see it is very long in the bun she has it in. So we'll fight that battle another day, 'cause today is just to sweet for words.

She's wonderful, a handful, fun, beautiful and we are thrilled with her, just thrilled. It's so surreal to see my 2 daughters with their heads together watching Ice Age with Chinese subtitles for Chloe:)

Her sister was acting like a nut in the Civil Affairs office and we caught the first Chloe smile, between Kat's hand and feet, but I got it on film. She has a precious smile. I told her I loved her and that she is beautiful, she just smiles, then hides her face, she is shy.
We are good, we are all good...................The Year of Chloe. Thank you God for this child.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just my luck- a car wreak

Firstly, we are all okay. Thank God! We started the day us stopping to see the bird's nest and the water cube used for the Olympics. A new driver today, smitten with little Miss Tong Tong (Kat) and carrying her everywhere. SHHH- don't tell, Kelly says she's spoiled :)

We headed off next to the Great Wall- wow, you gotta see it to believe it and even then it's hard to grasp the size of it.

Then we stopped at a cloisonne factory and we had a tour then lunch. We shopped a little after lunch. We were headed for the Forbidden City but that didn't quite happen. After the discussion with the girls about seat belts the other day, there we were, in a crash. Not just a little bump, we were rear ended and it was quite hard.

Our daughters were in the back seat of the van, so they went flying. Scared the begebbers out of us mommas. I was so stunned, I couldn't believe it. The guide wanted us to take the "babies" to the hospital to be checked, we checked them over and they are fine, so we repeatedly turned that down.

I guess we have had our wreak of the trip, last time our bus hit a car, but it was more of a tap. The van driver was so worried about the girls, but Love Bug Kat hugged him and kissed him before we went off to the new van. It was not the driver's error.

Funny story from today, I have been caught by the clothing police. I had no idea they would also yell at ME- not about Kat, but about myself, not wearing a coat! I am used to these temps, but an older man yelled at me and motioned at his coat, closing his jacket and shivering, motioning to me. Ha ha, I was comfortable, left my coat in the van on purpose.

We have just 1 day till Chloe, 1 sleep and our girl will be with us.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tea house, silk market, local lunch and tired girls

Today we ventured out to have a pedicab or rickshaw ride, we went around Beijing and got to have lunch in a local woman's home. WOW. They live so frugally- it's amazing. Her whole living space fit in my one livingroom. The woman was very nice, our guide discussed with us that everyone thinks the girls are twins, then when they look closer they decide they aren't but Kat has clearly caught up in the growing department compared to Caidi.

Our guide said our girls were very happy, we call it ornery, they call it happy. Okay. We told him they are happy to have mommas, of course. They both seem a bit nervous being here, quiet at times, but mostly energized like endless batteries are powering them. They are wanting to be called by their Chinese names, and our guide says Kat name means "peaceful deep red color" and Caidi's means "vibrant red color". Funny, they are so close in so many ways so no wonder. We were told Kat's second name meant "child" so this was interesting to learn.

Lunch was delicious, we had spicy chicken dish, rice, egg and tomato dish, and dumplings- oh how these girls LOVE dumplings. Then back to our ride and off to the silk market. Amazing those little bugs make such lovely things, glad I know the bugs are gone though, since I am bug phobic. I got pillow covers for my livingroom.

We went to a cool tea house, the tea was wonderful. I spent a bit on tea, couldn't help myself. It will last a long time and we had to get a pee pee boy after Kat and Caidi enjoyed the little clay boy you test the water temp with- he pees when it's the right temp. They laughed like nuts. Again, we gathered a crowd, we seem to do that a lot, or should I say the girls do, we are pretty sure the guide was picking up girls with our daughters following him all over and mine insisting on him carrying her.

Now the girls are watching a movie and Miss Kitty is trying to fall asleep, nope, not happening, she has another 2 hours to go before bedtime.

Can't believe I am so close to Chloe, it's hard to not want to leave NOW, go get her but we are enjoying Beijing, it's amazing here.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Here we are!!

Firstly and most important, we are here safe.

Here's the skinny.
Kat melted down in DULLES, before we even got on the plane. Yikes. Wanted to go home?
Sorry, not happening.We got on the plane, she was good. Met up with Miss Kelly and Caidi and got on the flight to Beijing. We had the last 5 seats in the back. Either word or their voices spread that 2 princesses were parked in the 2 last seats together as we had quite a few people come back to check them out.

We met one couple going to Henan for their son. Nice people.

They played, took short (very short) naps and played, ending the LONGGGGGGG flight with a tent created over their seats. Then they decided since they were Chinese and now in China they would sing the Two Tigers song they knew when we adopted them, loudly and badly as they have made it almost unrecognizable to the patient and unfortunate souls who booked seats near these 2:)

The 1 hour "not far to the GUIDE only" ride to the hotel we had the whole discussion on mothers last nerve about no seat belts (but WHY???) as the driver tried to kill us driving like a nut. After the dude with our luggage blasted us for having NO YUAN- Shame on me, I tried to give him US dollar.

We have met a group here, from another agency, and believe it or not, one couple is getting their son from Chloe's orphanage!! This made me quite happy as I pictured my girl looking out the bus window sad, as the miles pass, coming to us on Monday. Now I know she will probably be helping with the little guy to keep him occupied during the trip. Thank God for our meeting them!

We have found that last time we looked funny, people stared ( not rude to stare here) but this time we are getting huge stares! We get a look, then the girls get looked over, then back to us, back to girls and even turn around and stare some more. The girls have necklace badges I made them to explain why we are here, but most seem to think these two are twins and it seems to bring more stares. Today should be fun, they have the same outfits on:) Ha ha, we confuse people even more. I guess they can't figure out which girl belongs to whom and WHY.

We are off to the Great Wall probably, we are open to do what we want since I do not wish to have a crazy schedule and be exhausted to meet Chloe girl. I'll post pics of the girls later, I am not going to worry about pics a whole lot till we get Chloe, OF COURSE.

I can hardly stand it, now that I am in her country!
2 more sleeps till Chloe!!!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Last minute surprises

See these girls? Do you KNOW how close they are? We went to visit Caidi back in May as these two girls grew up in foster care for 2 years with their foster moms being sisters. They consider each other "sister."

Well.... our big surprise for YOU is that Caidi and her momma are coming to CHINA with Kat and I:)

We were THRILLED when Kelly offered to step in when my aunt was unable to go as planned and I really did not wish to go alone. SO when the phone call came with the offer of 2 travel mates for me and Kat, I cried.

Caidi and Kat are over the moon happy and counting down the days on their very own calendars with Kat understanding we leave home TOMORROW. Off to my cousin's, my aunt is driving, spend the night, then hop a flight to connect up with Kelly and Caidi and fly to China.

We are excited, happy, packed ( one suitcase is 49.6 lbs- phew) and ready to go.

I will blog, of course, if it does not work, go to adoption stories child's name- Kat & Chloe.

Next post will be from Beijing:) We meet Chloe around 4 pm, Monday Feb 23, this will about 3pm Sunday here if you all want to think of us :)

Say a prayer of safe travel for us and for Chloe's comfort in meeting us. Gosh, I can't wait to get my arms around that girl, I hope I don't scare her.

Chloe, my girl ......................... here we COME!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

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It's a good one. We got our visas and POA back. They are in hand. WHOOOOO HOOO.

Hubby got me my favorite all time treat for V-day- a cobblestone muffin. WOW. And a card that said something I can't write about as his mother reads this blog. Shame on him.

I got him a pair of lounge pants I will surely shrink to never fit him ( this happens no matter how big I buy them) and some of his fave candy. And a nice card about the kids always here and yet we still keep on going, mushy and all. We feel the love.

We had a surprise Birthday party for my mom, she was totally surprised. Had no idea. I took all the kids while Baba stayed home to sign for the visas. Lucky him. Actually they weren't too bad, they went for a walk and played with balloons. Her actual b-day is Feb 22 but I will be in China so we planned for an early surprise party.

I have some shopping to do and packing then I am all set to go. WOW. It's gonna happen. I'm meeting my daughter in a little over a week. Still pretty calm, hard to believe, but paranoid now to even open my e-mail, answer the phone for fear it will be something to hold us up from going.

Pray for our weather to hold for Wed, I leave a day early and stay at my cousin's (close to airport) so we are sure to be there on time. My aunt has graciously offered to drive us and pick us up, so we are grateful to have such great family support with our trip.

We're going to China, we're getting Chloe, it's gonna happen, YEAHHHHHH!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Things to do

Well my plans have not gone exactly as I thought, some for the good, more for the bad, but here they are.

Things with the State all clear. We have a go. Our CA was accepted and we are booked with return ticket for Chloe. I could not remember how they told us to book for a child to come back, it's as much round ticket as one way and we wanted her on the same flights as us. So a nice man at Contien*ial fixed her ticket and I'll share how you do it.

You book a flight as if she is coming from China then going back as her round trip. The "going back" part is any date after she is home and will not be used but it gets you the same results. On the plane with us. We just cancel ticket return once she is here. We did it wrong, we booked her as a third person with us and when you do that and she doesn't show for the first leg to go to China, they would have cancelled her ticket. So now we have that taken care of.

Our visas are on their way to us. I thought they would be held up till Tuesday and we would have to wait for them so this is great news. I will feel much better having those in hand.

Bad news, ( can't have everything go smooth now) a Contien*ial flight went down today. Yikes, but always recall, it's safer to fly than to get in a car. Our funds for me to travel come Tuesday, not today- cutting that close. I had some bright idea a perm would help cut down my "get ready" time in China, WELLLLLL, let's just say 5 shampoos and 2 haircuts later, I no longer have long hair and I want to cry but it's just hair and it will grow.

At least I have hair. It's a shock, not one I wanted for our trip of a lifetime but really, can I be so vain? UHHH- yeah! I have only had short hair once in many years and it was due to a perm gone wrong ( did I forget that) but such is life. After salon #1 being rude and telling me never to come back ( although I DID get my money back) and salon #2 fixing it the best they could, I will learn to live with it, not much choice about it.

I did have to laugh as S said to me "mom, your hair, what happened?" And my precious daughter Kat said "mommy, you are soooo beautiful" without even knowing I had brought her chocolate :)

My daughter Chloe should have the news we are coming by now. I tried to tell her to not be scared, we love her, we are happy to be coming for her. We hope she can be excited and happy to know it's soon, just 10 days till I meet her. She is so brave, to leave everything and trust us to care for her, to come home with us. I am awed by her courage.

Hope she recognizes her short, curly. redheaded momma. No pics till it looks better, let's hope that's soon.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The urge to SCREAM

So far I think I have been quite calm. I'm leaving for China in a week. Okay. Well, today I want to scream and it's not for JOY.

First I am sitting here waiting to book tickets. No word on if our Consulate Appointment request was accepted. THEN our Social worker (SW) e-mails. When are you leaving? Yippy yeah next week. Oh, do you have state clearance? HUH?????

As I am traveling with Miss Kat and NOT Baba this time, Chloe comes in the US on what is called an immigrant visa. This required state approval to even GET the visa to come home.

Can you just picture ME at the consulate finding this out? Oh no, let's not go there. SO as I e-mail agency to tell them what to fax to state and state assures me that we can still travel next week, it will not hold us up. OKAY.

My stress level is wayyyyyyy to high, let's help me by going over the good. We found our daughter. We are approved for her adoption. We are going to get her, we have travel approval. We have been blessed with the funds to get to her and bring her home.

We WILL get these roadblocks plowed down to the ground and be taking off next week. WE WILL. Someone called me patient, WOW, I've never heard that applied to me, but I will NOT give up on our girl. NOT an option.

Momma's coming Chloe, nothing stopping her.

Thank God your mother is a tenacious redhead, huh?

Friday, February 6, 2009



I'm leaving on a jet plane, do know when I'll

be back again...........................

Feb.19 hop on flight to Beijing.

Feb 20 arrive half dead in BeiJjng.

Feb 21-22 tour Beijing, be stared and

made fun of as fluffly red haired American,

fly on to ZhengZhou, capital of Henan

Feb 23 MEET DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!!

who really cares after that, we will have our


The Year of Chloe, it's coming true!
We thank everyone who has followed our journey, prayed for us, helped with monetary gifts, your support has meant everything to us and Chloe. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

TA is on the way

We have been informed our TA is on it's way. It's in the air, sent Tuesday and will arrive soon.

So far so good for Feb 19th. Everything is coming together. We have a document to have authenicated -doing it and visas via courier and they should all be back in time to fly on that birdie up in the sky, far far away, to get our girl!!!

The boys are all sick. Camden actually had to be brought home from school, I thought he should not go at all, but he insisted then ended up calling me to come get him. The boy LOVES school.

I have been woken up at 3 am for so many nights I now automatically get up at 3 to see who is bawling. Last night it was S. S and H were off to the doctor today, S with an ear infection and H with a sinus infection. Mom already called her doctor for her sinus infection they have given me. Hope all this illness gets cleared up for our travel and we are healthy then.
Just 2 weeks away!!!!

I remain strangely calm. I am not panicked at all. Why? Don't know, I just know I have wanted this time to come for so long, I am in shock it is finally going to happen. I told Baba tonight- just 18 days till I meet our daughter. Unreal. He asked if she knew. NOPE- not yet, don't want to tell her then have it fall through. I will NOT disappoint her like that. So it has to be confirmed, tickets bought before she is going to know.

Pictures of Miss Grump in the a.m., not a morning person that girl, I can't imagine her going to school but it's coming. They sent home a paper for any child that had a sibling old enough to register them for next year. I wanted to cry. My last baby going off to school. WAHHHHHHH.

She's gonna love it, I hope I survive.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

God smiled on us

Did you ever think about your tax refund like Christmas for adults? Well, we DO! It's the one time everyone who calls us NUTS for having all these kids- are briefly- even for a tiny second- wishing they were us.

This year that tax appointment meant a ton to us. Firstly, of course, was the funds to go to China. We started Chloe's adoption on a HUGE leap of faith, with LAST year's tax refund. We had no clue how we were GETTING to China.

So as we went over our taxes info and they added in our baby for the year- first we were never told you can claim foster kids till this year. So there was a blessing. Then as I cried when asked how long the baby was with us and I answered 9 months 12 days- I KNOW that boy was leaning over his cloud and saying "it is time yet Father, is it time?" to God.

Together our baby and our Heavenly Father enjoyed the shock and elation of us getting the news of our total return. "PLEASE,enough to go to China," I prayed over and over, and answer He did. I am sure He smiled as His children grinned at each other through momma's tears and our disbelief.

We never dreamed we would have this long of a wait but apparently it was for a reason, to have the $$ to get there:) And He came through.

Kat is having issues with "HOW LONG IS IT!" So as of today, she has her Feb calendar, she is allowed to put on one sticker per day when she awakens ( since I heard - "I put a sticker on MOM) at 7 a.m. Yeah, it's Sunday but someone forgot to tell children and a bunny went missing in covers which is just horrible here, so at 7 am there were screams and yells of "where's bunny?" Ahhhh, I love 'em.

At least I don't have to hear "when do we go?" You know, Go, China, go, for Chloe, go to China for Chloe, then S says "CHINA- CHLOE?"

We have tentative dates of leaving Feb 18, spend night near airport at cousin's house ( thanks Connie:) start our trip early Feb 19, land in Beijing Feb 20. We will be meeting Chloe Feb 23. Do you realize this is 22 days away???????? DAYS- not weeks now, we are counting down DAYS.

Mom is feeling better and packing and repacking!