Sunday, January 4, 2009


Hallelujah, I'm not going to even pretend I am the LEAST bit sorry school will be back in session in 12 hours. Yes, I am counting the hours. 13 days of these kids is enough to make any normal person insane. Good thing I am not normal, huh?

Yesterday S was in a snit all day. Yeah. The joys of mothering. Today he is MUCH better since I have his toys and he has to earn them back. Or I keep them. He is a very bright child and can totally understand toys are gone and WHY. So this tells me he understands this type of behavior is NOT acceptable here. I do notice any break in school- such as a vacation time throws him off kilter. He doesn't understand days but knows it's been longer than a weekend that he has been off school. He likes school, so this makes him mad. H did well today, better than most days :)

I have gotten everyone snacked (that's snacked NOT smacked), 2 hair trims, 3 boys showered and everyone in bed and it's 8:45 pm- hee hee.

I got the most wonderful e-mail today with PICTURES, my favorite things, of my precious Chloe girl, they are from 2004. When another child was adopted and she played with him, she obviously likes the smaller children and is a good helper with them. I can see now that she is going to adore Kat and I think that feeling will be mutual from Kat. Chloe looks so sweet, so young, and that haircut does nothing for her but it can't take away from how pretty she is. She's the one in pink, of course.

I am so proud of myself for accomplishing something. I was finally able to pick up my scrap booking where I left off, when the baby died. I am not sure what threw me for a loop about him dying that I did not want to touch any of the books. But I felt I HAD to finish his and make it a tribute to him and I wasn't sure I could do it, we got soooo many cards and wonderful support but I couldn't make myself end his story. But I did. With his poem I wrote for what should have been his 1st birthday and from there I caught up Cam's and started catching up on Kat's for her and for her Chinese grandparents. I still have some to go on hers but I am getting there.
What a relief to finally know I can move on and enjoy all their books, although I still cry looking at the baby's. Ahh tears not so much of sadness but of memories of him. Missing him- as only a momma can miss the weight of her baby in her arms. I think my left arm is still bigger from the right from holding him and his bigger head:) Just adds to my un-normalness- huh?

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