Sunday, January 25, 2009

Multi tasking girl

Miss Kat gave us a chuckle this morning for sure.

I look over and she is lounged in her favorite Dora chair. The dog is on her trying to sleep,she is petting him with 4 fingers of one hand, while sucking her thumb of that hand. With her other hand she is playing her V-Sm*le. Wow. She is amazing.

We had a visit from one of our college friendship boys last night, along with his girlfriend. Kat just loves them, they went to China for their winter break, they brought me tea back and said they told their families they have "crazy, big American family." Yup, that's us alright.

I had to laugh when S decided he wanted kisses from Emily, she is quite tall and very pretty, he motioned with a finger for her to bend down ( as I am thinking oh NO!) but then he pointed to his cheek and said "kiss." The little Romeo:) Guess he didn't get that she is TAKEN!

He's not usually very loving toward anyone new, so this really surprised me. There's something about her though, when we had our baby he also responded to her voice and cooed for her the first time she met him! She is very sweet.

I placed a link and picture at the top right of our blog. If anyone is wondering why, I must tell you of the story of this family, briefly, they have a ton of kiddos, adopted from all over, they are committed to adopting as many as they can. They suffered a devastating fire that totalled their home.

Now I am placing their needs above the financial needs of us bringing our girl home, yes, we still have $$ needed, but I am SURE God will provide for us and we are to unselfishly give of our selves, even when we want to hang on to everything we have. I can not imagine how terrible it would be to have a fire burn up everything for 9 people in your home! The enormity of it, knowing it could have been US- just seems so overwhelming. Linn ( the mom) prayed for us when we were enduring getting our immigration approval for Chloe.

Today we will celebrate Spring Festival, the biggest Chinese Holiday there is. Mostly known to Americans as Chinese New Year. Since we are a day behind China, it is Chinese New Year there. They usually have the whole week off and gather with their families for celebrations. We are having a dinner with our college boys at the end of the week. We are very thankful for both our college boys, they have brought many wonderful things into our lives, we are also unendingly grateful for the honor to be 2 Chinese American girls' parents, they are true and cherished blessings.

Happy Chinese New Year to All.

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