Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mom is sick

I don't know who invited the stomach bug that visited me today, I am like Jerry Sinf*ld, I HATE to upchuck, vomit, barf, whatever. But today, it hit me like a truck. Out of the blue, hard as can be, and no, I'm not pregnant. Don't be starting that wild rumor.

Apparently a meeting I went to a few days ago has claimed quite a few victims of this vicious bug and I am just thankful if I DID have to barf, that I felt better not long afterwards.

I have no time to be sick. We have visas to apply for, a document missed by the agency to have authenticated in NY- ahhhhh, hopefully will be able to get everything lined up to leave Feb 19th. Yeah, I said it, Feb 19th. An actual DATE!!

We need- paper back from Consulate, visas, tickets- of course, horrible prices for traveling in Feb:( $800 for Chloe's fees, and our TA. We expect TA next week after everyone is back in from CNY- so late next week, early the second week of Feb would be good.

Will it all come together and we will really meet Miss Chloe girl on Feb 23??? We sure hope so!! Please let it be so, we are so ready for this...............

In other news, we were snowed in yesterday, no school again, guess the kids will be in school till mid July or something like that with all the make up days. Kat and I built a snow girl, isn't she cute???

Off to crash into my bed, so thankful for my bed today:)

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Chad and Kristy said...

Oh Vickie! I hope you feel better soon:)I am anxiously awaiting your "WE got TA!" post!!!