Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Meet Tallulah

Meet our newest member of the family Tallulah. A few months ago we got a BIG dog and for some reason thought it would be great for the kids, that it would be a big, happy, fun to play with, dog.
Well, it didn't quite go that way. We had to rehome him and he is VERY happy with room to run and play and doggie buddy, but our desire to have a playful pup did not go away.

So we were able to find this little girl- she is a Jack Russell, lots of playful energy, smart, small, not much hair, cute as can be, and we are IN LOVE. She is the sweetest little pup, already sleeping all night with mom, even snoring in my ear:)
Here's the kicker. We are pretty certain she is DEAF. Amazingly enough the home she came from had an older JR and she followed that doggie around and they didn't notice she didn't respond to any sounds.

So when she got here and Tommy, the Maltese was LESS than thrilled to see her, she was on her own and whimpered every time she couldn't see someone.
She did not seem to respond to being called and when we tested her with a few horns and even a dog came up behind her barking and she didn't even turn around, we were pretty sure she is deaf.
What does this mean? Well, she got the perfect home> we of course, do not care if she has a disability, we love her. We are teaching her hand signals to respond to, she is smart little bugger so she is learning. Tommy is also more accepting of her and will eventually let her follow his lead, right now that's kind of dangerous for him since she seems to think his tail is a toy:)
Poor Tommy. Isn't his expression priceless? He is basically my dog, he is really laid back and quiet, I know he is thinking "who is this wild pup and why is she is MY house?"

It is odd though, when she is doing something that you go, aaah ahh, at her, forgetting she can't hear. It also means the kids carrying on does not affect her, she rarely barks, she is very loving, preferring to be with someone at all times.
Camden is thrilled, he adores her. She is very tiny, just about 5 pounds. But tough, and she moves fast. So she can handle all the little feet in the house. I think she will be a total lovebug and we adore her.
She's sleeping on my shoulder right now! How could you NOT love this face?
Too cute!


Jen, Dave, Leah and Daniel said...

She is too cute! Glad she found her family and will be well loved.

Holly said...

Aw...What a sweet new baby! She's a cutie!!