Thursday, January 22, 2009


It's been really cold here. Trying to keep warm. Also packing and unpacking. Yeah, the reality of it is sinking in. I am going to China in a few weeks to meet our daughter:)

We are having a conference call tonight for the 6 families traveling. So we will know who is traveling where. I know the families are from all over. I hope they also say, " oh BTW, you have travel approval:) " wouldn't that be sweet?

A huge question seems to be who is taking care of the family while mom is gone?

I am soooo irreplaceable- ya know?

So Grandma ( Ron's mom) has graciously accepted the invitation to help replace me. Also my niece is coming to help with the foster boys in particular. They can be a handful and almost need 2 people if you do not know their quirks and needs, so this will be good for all. I have a 2 page and growing list of things to be done, it reads by day, which can be quite wild. Looking at it, I am amazed at all I accomplish most days. Who says SAHM's don't WORK?? Boy, are they dumb.

Cam fell out of bed the other night and busted his lip open, scared me right out of a nice sleep! I held ice on it for a little bit and he slept in our bed to make him feel better:)

Tallulah the puppy is doing well, she loves milk jugs, she has some really sharp little teeth! She will chase the jug then chew the crap out of it! Guess it's a good thing we shell out $4 a day for milk??? A new toy for Tallulah every day:)
We really enjoy her antics and she is getting along just fine, even the cat tolerates her to our surprise. We think it's more like she just has to put up with the little annoying fur ball since Tallulah can't hear her hissing and doesn't take the hint from being bopped a few times by the cat, the cat has just given up thinking the puppy is wayyyyyy stupid.

I think I might just be a tad bias but I swear Kat gets prettier each day. We got the most fabulous compliment this week, someone said they "forget" she is even Chinese she is soooo much our child, she just blended right in, no problems. Kat really has such a loving and sweet personality, she is a blessing we are thankful for each day.
We really hope we have such wonderful blending for Chloe, that she is happy and can relax in knowing we are her family, she got US. We are already thrilled to be her parents, we will take her no matter what issues we face with her. Our love & commitment to her is unconditional. Just as if she had been borne of us.

It's the year of our girl- the Year of Chloe. Can't wait to welcome her home........

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