Thursday, January 15, 2009

Am I her mommy?

My Dear daughter Kat, oh, how I love her. Spunk and ornery all packaged up in such a tiny little body. Off to the grocery store today, we went. We picked up a few small things for our trip, some snacks, a Ba*bie for Chloe. Lots of food, my cupboard was getting bare:) About a fourth of the way through the store, Miss Princess Kat decides her feet "just can't hold her any more." Now, she had been in the cart and walked about 5 minutes, so I was a bit skeptical about this claim.

So I apparently did not answer her Highness correctly so she starts this-"I NOT gonna be your girl anymore." Hummmmm... I said "okay, but I am still your momma." "Nope", she said "I find another momma." (Yeah they're lining up to kiss your toes right now baby girl:) So, as I do not get ruffled THIS easily and reply "really, you think so." She must have decided my buttons weren't being pushed and she she ran to me then, saying " you left me behind"- oh the DRAMA- I said "no, I did not-I was still in the same aisle and you were right behind me." "Oh," was all her Highness could come up with so then she said " can we get chicken?"

As a mother of an adopted child, I think I, like many others, feel I must be super alert to signs that something is on her mind about being adopted. But the longer she has been home the more I realize it's just the same as Camden asking why he has red hair- :) or any other question on life they all come up with. It's not really about adoption, it's about THEM. They all have those questions, they all need reconfirmed of our love and our desire to parent THEM. That they are special, they are wonderful to us, just as they are, no matter how they came to us.

Kat's issue? Chloe getting a Ba*bie. She decided later that they would SHARE the Ba*bie, and all is well in her world again. Making us understand that our choice to go older than her by adopting Miss Chloe at age 13 years will be a HUGE benefit to them both. I am so glad we walked right on through when the door to Chloe opened up. She is so loved, special and wanted!

Our boys are doing okay, they have saddened me this week, they are clearly grieving for all they have lost, each child must go through this, no matter how good a home we give them. They are understanding this is not just a different place to stay for awhile. They do not really understand why this has happened and they are sad. I hurt for them, it is hard to not wish to be able to fix this for them but we can not. We just love on them and give them the secure and safe place they can call home if they wish.

Mal had a rough week as well, she was clubbed in the face by a tennis racket when the gym teacher decided the kids should think up their own games to play with sports equipment. She got 3 stitches below the eyebrow and a really nice shiner out of that "game". Thank God it spared her eye.

My week ends with no school tomorrow- already cancelled for the bitter temps we are having, this gives the kids a lovely 4 day weekend. WEEE, joy joy, didn't we just have Christmas break???

Here's what Miss Kat has been up to, watching Big Bird in Japan. We have many copies of Big Bird in China and she watches that over and over, but we found Big Bird in Japan recently and she LOVES it. So here she is singing her favorite part........our future American Idol:) Me thinks she needs more practice to remember all the words and no laughing at her hiking up her pants, even with leggings on underneath she can't keep her britches up. Skinny bug.


Chad and Kristy said...

Love the post!! Colin's favorite thing to say when he is mad at me is "You not my baby, anymore!" Ahhh, kids are great!

Praying for your TA,

Holly said...

Only one comment so far on this adorable post? Kat is PRECIOUS!! I love hearing little kids sing. Just love it! I am so excited that you are traveling soon! I'll be praying for you guys, and can't wait to read all about it! And you're right. Your Kat is a beautiful little girl. : )