Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How many days in September?

Okay, someone in my house is messing with my head. Not that it's very hard to do that. You know the saying- it's not the big things that put you over the edge, it's one little thing.

ANYWAY- I have a perpetual calendar that I flip every night. I had it on the 22nd, thinking, wow, time is going so SLOW this month. I finally realized the calendar I was looking at to flip to the right day and realized it was OCTOBER's month. So the 22nd would be Wednesday, today, but I am in the wrong MONTH??

So really, there is just 6 days left in September!! WOW. BTW- 19 days logged in:) Yup, still counting:) We got a big ol' pack of papers, stuff to sign, notarize, send back, not anything IMPORTANT just silly stuff, like we release the agency of any liability when we travel - that makes us feel safe-not. Never signed one of those for last time! Parting with more $$, then got an e-mail that someone wanted to donate to our adoption, bless them, we have watched that meter sit at 1 contributor for so long- but they said they were trying to donate and the chip in wasn't working. If this happens/ed to anyone else, PLEASE, please let us know. We are getting more excited about travel but also more anxious about the funds, we trust in God leading us to this child, and know He will provide for us to get her somehow.

I think it's harder to trust it will come when you KNOW it has to, we are scrimped to the max, and we HAVE to trust in Him to send the amount we have to have. A real test of faith! We were able to fund Kat's adoption almost 100% on our own, we just can not do that this time. So I trust:)

We got the neatest medical equipment thingy, a Sma+t vest for Mr. T. It is to help keep his lungs clear since he lays flat so much of the time. He is on memory foam and he LOVES his place on the couch, he can get MANY kisses and is NEVER ignored. So we fire up the vest and it shakes him. Pulsates and shakes him. He is SMILING and cooing, Camden asked-"hey is that an automatic butt patter?" which was wayyyy too funny since I have been known to pat for HOURS, this child, and he will fuss the SECOND my hand stops.

But the boy LOVES it. It's really something to see him shaking away and smiling. He gets upset when we TAKE IT OFF!

We visited my Gram tonight and her sister, my great Aunt. It's so hard to see our loved ones we remember as so strong and wonderful when we were little and now they are frail and we know we will not have them forever:) My Grammy is 96 years OLD! She outlived my dad. My Aunt had the baby laying beside her and that sweet woman, who named me- she patted him and called him a girl and did not even realize he had a THING wrong with him. She told me he/ she was a blessing from God:) I sure do believe that, along with her too. I am thankful to be able to visit with them and my Aunt recognized me and said " you're all grown up now" like it was a shock to her :) I think I was always her FAVORITE- but shhh, don't tell any of my sibs:)

I am posting a picture of me- Kat took it as I am always taking pictures of HER, she is so stinkin' cute but also a GOOD photographer too, she did make me "pose" and told me just how to put my arm here and smile- quite the bossy little photographer. But as I usually HATE any pics of myself , I'm calling this one decent. I'm so vain- isn't that a Carly S*mon song?????

Monday, September 22, 2008


It's that time of year again, it's starting to get colder. It makes me think always of the children of China, who are cold and hungry. I can't save them all. But to know that our daughter was loved and fed through a kind, kind family that SPONSORED her care is a gift that we can never repay.

Although we try to! We sponsor a child in foster care from our daughter's orphanage, to honor our daughter, her sponsors and her foster family. All because of this care, we have a well adjusted, healthy little girl. Things could have been so very different for her, I shudder to think of it.

There is a SUPER organization of help for our daughter's orphanage. It's called Grace Hope and it is run by a mom with a daughter from QinZhou, just like us! Now of course, we are partial to "our" orphanage, but truthfully, if anyone is out there that can't stand to think of the little ones cold and hungry and you wish to donate to help take one of God's littlest packages and give them the gift of FOOD, FAMILY, LIFE, then PLEASE PLEASE, Click on the link below our kitty cat clock on the right side of the blog. Grace & Hope, go to "waiting for Sponsors" on left side there are the orphanages with children in need. QinZhou is there, the pictures of the boys that NEED YOU are there.

PLEASE CONSIDER becoming a sponsor of a particular child. You get 3 month reports with pictures, we got pictures of our sponsored child holding OUR picture this year, showing she knew we were giving her a better life!!! Wow did it warm our hearts!

We are asking for this help to sponsor the children, mainly there are 2 boys with medical needs that need sponsors desperately. But if they are sponsored and you wish to go to another orphanage link on Grace Hope then GO FOR IT!! You will NOT be sorry. We do not miss the small amount we pay for the amount of good we feel we are doing. How many times can you say that about your money?? It's also tax deductible, you get receipt to claim it. You will NOT regret sponsoring an orphan, it is a wonderful thing to be a part of a child's life!

Almost all of the children that are sponsored NOW, are sponsored by families with children of QinZhou, some sponsor more than one! Most of the families are maxed out as to what we can do. So this plea is for others, with a heart for God's chosen children, the orphans, so that they may SURVIVE.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

15 days logged in

Yup, counting every single one:) Have up to Day 60 on the calendar, I do not want to see more than that for our Letter of Acceptance so that's all I wrote. That is November 5. So we will see:)

Mr T. is fighting his cold. Coughing much stronger but wheezing and getting treatments now. He will get a vest to literally "shake" him. It help him cough, keeps his lungs clear. We use it twice a day or more if needed. There was a mess up in the ordering or we would have had it already, it will be here be Tuesday, we hope.

Camden has his first soccer game today. And pictures. Then we go to the Orientation Picnic with our China boys. Yeah, we already met them, but a picnic is fun anyway:) They wish to go to Walmart tomorrow to do some shopping so we will take them there.

The boys translated a letter from Chloe for us, she is very worried about her English not being good. We are NOT worried about this, we feel it will come. Our China boys wish to help her also, so she will be just fine. So I have to send her a letter to tell her NOT to worry about it. She is also "impatient" to meet her family, well, she must take after mom, and I will tell her this also. Impatient is my middle name. I can hardly stand waiting so long to go to her. She asked for "electron" watch, we figure this means digital, so as I had a box ready to send I got one in the mail to her. I had to send knee and elbow pads for her since her knees are black with bruising from her learning to skate. Yikes.

She was "embarrassed" to ask for anything, as she says we have sent her so much, oh, girl, if you only knew. We are thrilled to give her things she wants, we can only show her our love for her by letters, gifts and pictures, so far. This is the hard part of the wait.

I'm off to make my Sweet Potato casserole for the picnic. Yum:)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chinese Mid Autumn Festival

We have been honored to be invited to a Chinese Mid Autumn Festival at our local college. Our 2 new "boys" Wei and Ming have invited us to come as they are our new Friendship Students. We were blessed to get 2 boys, both first year college students, to be a Friendship Family to them.

What this means is that we give them an American family to hang out with and enjoy time with us, see the differences in our culture to theirs, learn more about their culture, give them a place to stay when the college closes for the holidays that they can not go home for. They are very happy to be a part of our family, if not a bit shocked over the amount of kiddos we have:)

They did not understand "foster child" and what that meant. That was our first explanation. Then we offered to bring something for the festival and that they did not understand. So we are taking cups and green tea:) I think we will really enjoy these guys, they are very much like our grown sons and already calling me "mom."

Kat has been growing emotionally by leaps and bounds this week. She first, allowed me to go through all her outgrown clothes and pack them away for another girl. With a promise to buy her new clothes, she was okay for the first time with this. Normally it would be a chore for when she is sleeping as it upset her so badly to give up even 1 piece of clothing.

Secondly she ate SPAGHETTI and BREAD, I was so shocked. Maybe it was my cooking, as I didn't make the spaghetti and garlic toast, but she ate 2 plates of it, and even licked the plate clean. Normally she wouldn't TOUCH either, we would get a " you know I not eat that" and a the look- meaning- what am I making HER to eat:) Not any attitude here, huh?

She drew a picture of the baby, it was sooo incredibly sweet. She even got his button for his feeding right, although I must say, she counted toes and fingers wrong, he does have the normal amount on each hand and foot, unlike her picture. His head is BIG though, just like her picture, and he got 2 teeth, she obviously exaggerated that to many more:) She is constantly drawing and can make almost all letters if you tell her how to spell a name. She has Chloe, mom, dad, Camden and Kat down pat, any others she needs help to spell.

The baby needs some prayer, he is fighting a cold. He is clearly stronger this time than the first cold he had that landed him in the hospital. Before he would do a fake type cough, giving him NO relief of his congestion. This time he is almost funny, I said he sounds like he is giving birth, but the bugger is trying and able to cough and clear himself, he just makes a lot of noise doing it. We are holding out hope we can keep him out of the hospital at this point. His B-mom is also ill, we hope she is able to heal and get well. We hope they both are able to get better soon.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Log In Date (LID)

Whoo hoo, whoo who, all yeah, we are all that. 5 days gone, already past, the clock is ticking, our countdown is ON. Our paperwork is logged in at China for September 5, 2008. Chloe girl, we are counting the days! Next in this wild ride of adoption is the Letter Seeking Confirmation, or Letter of Acceptance ( LSC/LOA) one in the same, meaning YEAH, we still want her!!! And then the Travel Approval usually comes shortly thereafter.

We are hoping to travel in November, really hoping, for many reasons but will be happy to go on God's time :) It's just so exciting to know we are logged in and each day brings us closer to HER!

Camden had his big Birthday yesterday, #8! Such a cutie, our boy. He was wanting to know what he was getting then when I reminded him he got dad to himself for the WHOLE weekend, went to a race, he was sad thinking he was getting NO gifts. Well, the GOOD thing about having a ton of siblings is BIRTHDAY TIME! Besides the loot he got from the grandma's and friends, he got a Foam dart gun, a Pokemon puzzle, a PlayStation game, bubbles, candy, and a spider man shirt. He is clearly doted on:) The cake was a big hit till his cousin smeared it on his face then he bawled. Oh well, he is only 8:)
He is pictured with Grandma, who also celebrated her birthday Sept 8. We won't tell how old she is, just remember, it's just a number mom:)

We are the proud parents of 2 new boys, no, we are NOT adopting, they are 18 and 19 and Chinese college students:) Here at our local college they do a "friendship family" for foreign students ( of which there are many) to give them an American family to hang out with and even stay when the college is closed for holidays that everyone goes home, but they can't go back to China for. So we have 2 more "boys." I am eager to see what Miss Kitty thinks of them, as she still very fondly recalls her Chinese foster brother and I bet she thinks one of our new guys is him!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Rainy Weekend

Poor Baba and Camden. Off they went yesterday, yeah skipping school already, but for Camden, a BIG birthday treat, Baba traded some of his Nascar collectibles and got tickets for the Nascar night races in Virginia. He took off yesterday, made all the plans and now they sit in Virginia in a motel room as is pours from Hurricane Hanna and Ike is coming next.

It is dreary here and sprinkling, I am catching up on my scrap booking, laundry and tired from the night nurse calling off :(

Kat is missing her Camden, she got up this morning and said "I want my Camden." Yikes, I didn't tell her she wouldn't see him tomorrow (too late when they get in) and she has found a way to make huge messes all on her own quite well.
Amazingly huge messes. She had all the drawers in the living room opened, we have a coffee table with a ton of little drawers on 2 sides and she was digging in them and finding all kinds of stuff. She trashed her room, she has been warned if she goes in the bathroom to wash her hands, brush her teeth or get a drink again, she is in trouble. She LOVES to play in the bathroom, making HUGE water messes.
She also loves to play with Moon Sand, it has been relegated to the backyard since it is supposed to stick together and be mess-free but not for Miss Kat. She can make a mess out of anything. At least she can have a blast doing it:)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Off to School they WENT!

Only Miss Kat was blue this morning when she realized for anothr year, she did not get to go to school. Poor thing. Momma was thrilled to see them go, another year started and let the fun(drasiers) begin. Ha HA. It usually takes 2 days, at the MOST for the fundraisers to come home.

Camden was all excited to be going to 2nd grade, although a bit worried it would be harder. This is from the brightest kid in his whole class- 2 years running, but he is also the OLDEST child in the class with his birthday being next week:) He looked so sweet going off to the bus. I am sure he will do just fine.

The baby has 2 teeth poked through the bottom of his gums, YEAH for him- teeth :) He is still very comfortable on his medication. He is trying very hard to talk, cooing and oohhing when kissed and talked to. He follows with his poor eyesight to see us and just lights up with smiles when he first awakens. Such a joy every day to have him.

We should have log in date for our dossier going to China by this week or so. We are hopeful for November/ December travel, not too thrilled with the December idea but we go when we can. I'd like to go in November and be back, then start Chloe in school in Jan after the holiday break. That way she would have some time to adjust. But it's going to happen when it's supposed to. Out of our hands completely now. It does feel good to know it's in China waiting for approval, another step closer to our girl getting home :)

For now Kat is watching Kai Lan and mom is enjoying the quiet. Ohh and the laundry piles are calling me :)