Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pictures and a clean tub?

OHHHH, today the pictures of Chloe came. So sweet and fun. She is playing with her new skates, in a few pictures she is in skates on a bike and look at those nasty bruises on her knees I am SURE are from those skates we sent her. Shame on us.

She looks to be having a blast though:) She has the most beautiful smile, I am thrilled to see it in a few pictures, most she is looking somber, just as her sister did in ALL of her pictures, making us wonder if she would be happy when she got home, but Miss Chloe looks to be a fun loving girl and I think she'll be just fine in this crazy family.

Now about the tub. I have to ask, does ANYONE else have a hubby who does unusual things when HIS mom is coming? His mom came yesterday, not by choice, I forced her to come, as she had been having nose bleeds for days and she was weak, not sleeping, and trying to say she was "fine." Such a MOM. She had been to the ER 3 times, and had to have it cauterized today after bleeding all night. So now it's fixed and she is a ton better.

But the tub issue. Mom is a super MIL, I don't even write this due to her reading our blog (she does) but she really is. She came in and stayed when we went to get Kat and took care of everything. Did a super job. She keeps the kiddos so we can do our annual Black Friday insanity shopping which usually means leaving after Thanksgiving dinner and staying in a hotel in a nearby town for better shopping.

I have NEVER felt like I must clean for her to come, I don't feel I HAVE to clean for anyone to come, I feel if someone comes to visit and look for dirt, they don't need to visit at all. After all we do live here. Now I do have to say I prefer the place to be cleaned up and neat, we make beds every day, I sweep about every other day, etc. But I am NOT a neat freak. Just a healthy balance, I think.

But every time Mom is coming hubby cleans the tub. The tub. Why not the toilet? Why not the coffee table? I am not sure. I have never seem mom peering into our tub to see if it was clean, she never shows or states a dirty tub phobia, so what's the deal? I can not figure it out. And yes, after hubby got off work and mom was already here, he scrubbed the tub. It sparkles.

Happiness today for the pictures, of which we thank Lorie and David, funny enough, the first pictures on OUR camera was pictures of our Chloe on a bike with their girl in front of her :) So neat. Oh, and I have a clean tub :) Thanks Baba.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Baba's Birthday

Baba is a year older now:) As of yesterday. He got his stadium seat and even said "oh is this what she was talking about?" Meaning the blabber mouth Miss Kat. She sang to him over and over, couldn't let him forget it was his birthday.

We went to dinner courtesy of our oldest son, for Baba's day. We had a nice time but they forgot to bring out the cake so we were cakeless. Of course, there were 2 others there having parties and Kat kept yelling " that YOUR cake Baba?" oops, no.

Saturday we enjoyed a picnic, we went to the Lake and had a cookout, the kids swam, had a candy toss, feed the HUGE carp fish at the boat docks, even Mr. T got a kick out of the fish. He was enjoying the day, awake, lying on the table on his pad and I caught him giving me the most beautiful smile on film. He will be 8 months old tomorrow and going strong. Ha Ha to the doctor's that said 6 months tops. We laugh at you and invite you to take your predictions and stick them. Gosh we love this boy. He is so precious. We are so happy to have whatever time we have of him, he has changed us all for the better. He is such a fighter, so amazing to me, how he fought to be here from day 1.

I am still patiently waiting for the pictures of Chloe, okay, not so patiently. I WANT them!!! But even more I want to be heading off to China. I have sent our girl- pictures, 4 small albums now, a fluffy pillow, candy, hair things, bracelets, necklace, shirt, skates, little tablets, pens, etc. I am running out of ideas of things to send. This means it is time to go get her. RIGHT?

Baba said Miss Kat looked like a Amish Chinese girl, too weird for me considering we gave her a Polish last name, but I'll post the pics of her looking adorable in her "amish frock" That's all the cuteness you get today. Guess it will have to be enough:)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Pictures on the way:)

We have been blessed to have gotten 3 cameras retrieved from Chloe's orphanage, they are to be of her seeing her family for the first time, getting her birthday presents and cake. They will be processed in a few days and we can hopefully wait that long:)

We have had a quiet week of savoring the immigration approval news, only to find out that now we get to fill out 10 more pages of stuff for approval for Chloe's visa once we get to China. Doesn't hold up that dossier, so I am happy about that.

It's been a nice week, even with the scare of a head injury for Kat.

We were outside at dusk and I was on the swing, Baba took the dog for a walk, Camden was trolling around on the scooter, Kat was sitting on the picnic table. Camden decided it would be cool to swing the scooter around and around in the air, and yup, Miss Kitty decides to hop off the table and go to Camden. So as I turn to see what they are up to, hear a "thump" and run the whole "nurse scenario" through my head- keep calm, check for blood, pressure on site, ice, ER, stitches, stay calm, calm children, head bleeds tons, stay calm.....................

NO BLOOD appears. She is crying, holding the head, Camden is looking horrified, I get her inside to the light and can't even FIND where the scooter conked her. Camden said something to the effect " grounded for the next YEAR" and took off running and crying to his room, more upset that the injured party at this point. I COULD NOT find even a LUMP.

So we are guessing what happened:
A miracle, guardian angel.

She has an extremely hard head.

He swung the scooter around and the wheel hit her, not the metal parts.

Mom had to do more damage control with Camden , who was more traumatized than her, reinforcing this was an accident, no one gets punished here for accidents, and that she was fine. He is one pale boy but he went totally white. I felt so bad for him, he adores that girl so much, he would be a mess if something ever happened to her.

Camden is keeping up the birthday count, he has just 17 days to his day, Baba's birthday is in 2 days ( Kat told him we bought him a CHAIR, after we TOLD her not to tell!!) We got Baba a nice bleachers seat for all those kids' activities that we attend, seemingly year round.( field hockey for Mal right now, Camden starts soccer soon) and Grandma's b-day is the day before Camden's. Big birthday time around here.

No school yet, I am soooo jealous of all those folks that have kids hopping on the bus every morning and coming home tired and no pep to bicker as I listen to Donovan screaming like a girl and Camden picking at him. I will say, I love school, no fakeness here, no "I'll miss them so MUCH." They are still mine ( no one else gonna claim 'em) and come home each day, so school is a good thing. Miss Kitty and I have our time when they are gone and they get back soon enough each day, plenty of time to get some brotherly love in there. I get to wait for that joy to occur this year till Sept 2. Shame on the school.

Someone forgot to tell them, BACK TO SCHOOL, means AUGUST. I guess I'll make it. At least the first part of the school year does go quickly so we can look to getting the kids settled in and then hopefully be going to China before long- YEAH!!!!!! Add some more fun to the mix, with our Chloe girl :) Hope she is ready for this crazy bunch.

Friday, August 15, 2008


We are bursting with joy today, we are approved. WOW. Praise the Lord!! This is His journey and we are just following along. I wasn't sure I would make it thru another weekend waiting, waiting, to see if the next week would be it. Hubby said " it's about time" as I screamed " we are APRROVED!!!" I did have to ask if it was a joke, I just couldn't believe it after all this time.

Our daughter, Miss Kat, looking as though she has all the patience in the world, had no idea what we were all excited about, she just knew it was something about Chloe, her China sister, as she calls her. She then drew around her hand and wrote "Kat" and her foot and wrote "Chloe". Not sure what that means but it's for Chloe and in an envelope already.

We sent off a little fuzzy bed pillow that says "Be Happy" and a photo album of her room, her clothes, us, to Chloe today. I try to send her something little so she knows we are thinking of her.

We went school clothes shopping and got some great bargains, I was happy to buy the boys 2 shirts, a jacket, shoes, 4 pairs jeans, unders for each for only $90 each. All new stuff!! The girls were a bit harder to buy for but they were good in staying in budget for their things too. It made me feel good to get it out of the way and to know we were able to get them nice stuff for good prices. Every penny is counted and pinched around here:)

All I can say today is I am so thankful we have made it through this huge trying step to getting our paperwork to China to start our countdown to go get our daughter. To our daughter Chloe, hang on girl, we are moving forward!!!!! Just like you, on those birthday skates:) We love you!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

No approval yet

Still no word on approval time. Still coping, although saddened that in the whole picture of this a 13 year old girl sits and waits for us to come, as we fight over paperwork and wording issues. Seems really dumb.

I have gotten through almost a whole week without feeling too discouraged until today, that 3 month deadline that we did get an extension on, but never DREAMED we would need one!! It is today- I thought at this stage we would have a month or more having been logged in at China. Huh.

What did we do this week? Family reunion time. Nice to see everyone and no comments on my fluffiness. Maybe due to the 8 kiddos we hauled along, with friends and our kids, they were overwhelmed trying to figure out which ones were "ours" and how to ask:)

Kat had a good time, Camden stayed later with Uncle Mark along with Donovan and apparently thought it would be "funny" to de-pant Donovan at the swim area. So, needless to say, he is GROUNDED> big time.

Camden decided last night to liven things up a bit, not that we were bored or anything, he started barfing after supper and continued till midnight, moaning like he was dying. He is soooo incredibly MALE when he is sick. When he threw up in a bowl at my bedside ( yeah, I got to sleep with the sick one) Kat peeked out her door and said "Camden barf?" She was all worried about him.

She asked if he was all better today and could she get him a Sprite. She wanted him to feel better. She said " I love my brudder, he a good brudder."

Too sweet.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Really Bummed

Sometimes I think we share most of the good and not enough of the down part of our lives. Why? Are we embarrassed, that we can't do it ALL?

I do not know but I share. Today has been no fun. We were turned down for a grant we were REALLY hoping to get. Really. We needed it. We can only figure someone else needed it worse and pray for our funds to come another way.

We are STILL waiting on approval from immigration. I am just sitting back and letting that one to God. I can't change when it comes, so I give it to Him. I can't cope with worrying about it anymore.

This blogger won't let me post a picture ( of course it won't) so all you get it my complaints.

We won't give up, this is not even an option but for today, I am discouraged. I am bummed. I am pushing off the dust and getting back up again. Tomorrow is another day.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Making the time limit?

Another shade of blue if that gives you any indication. NO, we are not approved by immigration yet. Are we upset, frustrated, tired, mad, sad, beaten down- YES. Will we give up- NO! No! No! We're not quitters. What does this mean?

Since Chloe is from the shared list we had 3 months to get our dossier to China from the time of our Pre- Approval ( PA). Our PA was May 12. So Aug. 12th is 3 months. We busted butt to get everything else for our dossier ready and here we sit.

It means our agency has had to ask for more time to get our dossier to China. China has given us more time, since we are the first, yeah, the first family trying like mad to get approval with the new Hague rules through immigration with our agency. So as the wording of things must be exact, our file has passed from one officer in immigration to another and the new officer has found 7, yes SEVEN things that must be added to the HS for it to pass. All things she assures me is the agency's to do, so we will be hounding them to get these DONE so we can get approved.
We also have to be thankful that this does not mean we will not be approved, it just means minor wording revisions to get approved. So it could be worse!

It just feels like we are NEVER going to get this step done. I KNOW I sounded like a wounded pup while the officer tried to reassure me that we can still make the deadline and this is NOT a big deal, nor anything I need to fix. Sorry- the pounding headache I now have did not respond to that and go away.

The officer asked if we were matched with a child- I said YES, a 13 year old, who needs to come home!

To try to take away some of the sad news I will share with you the room we got done, we needed a bedding set and got one from someone moving, almost brand new, mattress and box springs so Chloe and Kat's room is now officially done. Ready. No idea when we get to travel until this immigration thing is cleared up, but her room awaits.
Isn't it dear? We took some more pics to send to Chloe, so she can see more of what her house looks like. And had I known what fun and enjoyment the kids would get from a new bed set, I'd have gottenKat out of her toddler bed long ago. Camden and her just lay on the bed talking and playing their DS's and it's amazingly entertaining to them. Weird kids.

PLEASE pray we get this approval with the NEXT addendum to our Home Study, round three here we come. We do know others that are also on round three so we aren't any worse off than other families. We may need to start a club or something. The Trying To Get Approved Club. That's not even funny.