Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pre- Christmas Drama

Today was pajama day for Cam and S. That was fun trying to convince S that he really could wear jammies to school :) Wish I could get away with that. They got to watch a movie and come home early. Oh, fun. There goes my last day of freedom for 2 weeks. JOY.

So far the school called about Donovan, his talking out in class, a certain class. HMM, do they think I will take away his Christmas toys if they call me now?? REALLY?? Go home already. It's 6:30 pm, I am NOT impressed with your "dedication" to the learning and social issues of my kid today. And Merry Christmas to you too.

Guess you can tell I'm a bit unhappy, no LOA for us. News that it "will be mailed this week" from China, meaning our agency will not get it till next week at the soonest. Then the wait for Travel approval will begin. JOY. ANother wait time. just what I wanted- NOT. Guess it will be a nice getaway trip in the cold after Christmas blah days. Going to China. See ya.

Kat gave me some nice drama tonight, girls are DRAMA queens. I have decided this. Boys get up, shake it off and off they go. Miss Kitty got a piece of candy we were given today in this tower of Santa boxes, too cute, each box filled with a treat. So she wanted a hard candy. I said "no, not before supper," so as soon as supper was over she HAD to have one. I told her- as any GOOD mother does, "you shouldn't have that at all, you could choke on it." Don't those things always come back to haunt you???

Just like the "you'll shoot your eye out" she got the candy and she apparently choked. All I see is her gagging. Thinking, GREAT she has a stomach flu NOW!!!! But come to realize she is choking on the blasted piece of candy. She threw up- what does Cam say as I am trying to figure out what she is vomiting over- "Did you touch your uvula?" Where do these kids get this stuff? As he tells me it will make you barf if you do that.

So anyway, after determining there was no uvula touching causing her vomiting and she was saying she felt like the candy was still stuck in her throat, she is now in bed and sad since her throat is sore and is going to be. Thank GOD she did not choke and go hide, as she is prone to do if she thinks she will be in trouble and probably me saying "you could choke on that" would be enough for Miss Sensitive to THINK she might get in trouble.

Enough drama already. Just a quiet peaceful Christmas please. Oh and LOA asap would be nice. Too lazy to post a picture, can't make me, so I'm not gonna do it. Call me grinch I do not care, so there.

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