Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Poem for Chloe

A 7 year old child stood on the street alone,
left there confused, no place to call home.

She said not a thing when the police came that day,
only her first name as she was taken away.

To a home for many children, all with no family of their own.
A sad little girl, would now call this orphanage home.

Years past by, little ones came and went,
adoption the girl was told, a big huge event.

So many little ones, even ones with special needs,
so cute and sweet, off they went to new families.

As the girl sat and watched with a sad little smile,
happy for the little ones, all the while.

Wondering when and why, would it ever be her turn?
oh but how she did yearn.

For someone to want HER, a girl of near 14,
would anyone chance to want a teen?

Her days numbered and she knew this to be,
one day a letter came from this "family".

It said "we want you, we wish to adopt YOU,"
it was then that this teen finally knew.

She was WANTED and was cared for,
she couldn't have asked for more.

This family called her daughter and loved her,
they wanted an older child, of this they were sure.

As they sent pictures -they were pale and had red hair,
they had a little girl that looked like her, but she did not care.

For she could see this was a family with love to give,
and they wanted to bring her home with them to live.

As she left all she knew, she gathered her things her family had sent.
She was being adopted, a big huge event.

Would they show up, would they leave her standing alone?
Or would they really want to take her home?

They arrived with a flurry and her mom squealed with delight,
there were kisses and hugs and her mom held her so tight.

Off they went hand in hand, her mom didn't want to let go.
This teenaged girl knew then that it was really so.

It was HER that was wanted, it was no mistake,
they HAD came for her, not a baby to take.

A family for her, a mom, a dad, and siblings for sure.
to be loved and cherished as their daughter forever more.

In honor of our daughter, Lu Yun, waiting in China
Vickie & Ron


Jen, Dave, Leah and Daniel said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Still brings a tear to my eye to know this precious girl has a family. Waiting impatiently with you for travel time. I'm sure you're a little more impatient than me :)

ronvic7 said...

It's funny but I had a dream about meeting her and came up with this poem the next morning. Then Baba said he too, had dreamed of her, that she was already home. We dearly love this child and can't wait for her to see that.