Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pancake Sunday

We had a fun time on Friday evening with the foster care party, although the boys traded toys to be happy, all worked out well:) We had a nice dinner then Santa arrived and was able to see each one of the kids and give them an "early gift."

Kat and I went and got our hair done for the party, not a luxury we have ever done. She was so tickled with her curls, it was so funny. She kept asking everyone "you like my hair" when we went to the store afterwards. The hairdresser loaded her hair with gel and spray for it to hold, and hold it did, she woke up with it still curled and refused to wash it so she got another day of curls:)

Everyone at the party said how gorgeous she was, even Santa said he loved her curls. She was pretty proud of that. How do you spell D-I-V-A?

Yesterday I spent many hours cleaning, not my favorite thing to do, but the boys room had gotten totally out of control and before the Christmas holiday came and they were home to destroy it I cleaned. Now they have their car rug back in sight and can play with that.

Today we started our day with pancakes, just something fun to do on a Sunday morning when we realize there is no milk to be had in the house (we use about a gallon PER DAY) and pancakes are a good option all will eat. Kat has just recently been willing to eat them, and no butter please. She still dislikes dairy, any dairy but some yogurt.

We got PICTURES of our girl, Chloe!!!! She is so incredibly pretty too, WOW, I am going to be monitoring phone calls, computers, doorbells, how will I keep the boys at bay?? OH, that's right, the 4 older and BIG brothers are pretty scary.

Chloe is wearing the clothes I sent her, I wondered if they fit, she seems so tiny, she wears the same size as an 8 year old here! She is wearing 10-12 clothes, so small. But they fit and she looks quite happy to have them. I am glad she is feeling cared about.
I am just waiting on the Christmas party pictures to send her Christmas box, I am so sad to be sending ANOTHER box and no word on WHEN we go. But it's got many things for her to enjoy.
It will be such a blessing to have her home and we are curling all the girls' hair to go to a party and I can watch our Chloe girl light up with the joy of belonging, of being wanted and loved, a part of us, right where she belongs. Blossoming in our love, just as her name means- blossoming.
I know our time will come and we will go get her, our road from there may or may not be an easy one, it will not matter, our love and commitment to her will be forever. As we feel about all of our children. Our big worry right now we hope is "just a rumor" that the orphanage fees are increasing all over China, up $2,000! We don't have it so I hope they are WRONG- please, not another BIG bump to worry about:(
I'm off to work on cleaning Kat's room, thank goodness she isn't quite as messy as the boys were with their room:)


Mission To Macie said...

Oh Vickie...Chloe is just beautiful I know the wait is killing you! I am so sorry. It totally sucks!!!

I love Kat's curls!!!

I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and that Santa brings you an LOA under your tree!

Jill and Macie

Lori Lynn said...

Chloe looks so sweet! I hope you will be able to bring her home soon and I wish her (and you) the best for a smooth transition. It can be so hard for the older girls.

Lori W