Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Missing my baby

I missed my baby today. Why? Well, mainly 'cause it rained today and was dark and dreary. On a day like this, I could count on him being comfy. Something to do with the barometer readings or something fancy some folks would say, but I say it's a good NAP day. And nap I did. Some days when Kat would take her short nap time, which usually does not happen except on these types of days, I would curl up next to my baby, I could feel him breathe and I could really rest. Ahhh, I loved that boy. Do you feel the love we shared in the picture? He was so amazing.

Going to bed each night even with his wonderful nurses taking care of him I slept "on alert" if they needed me. Until about 7 or 8 nights would go by and I would crash and sleep sound. The best sleep I got in the 8 months he was here were those little sweet snuggle naps. He even slept better, feeling my breath on his back, as lying on his side was most comfy for him and we fit just perfect on the couch on his special pad if my head was at his back. So today I laid my head on his wedge pillow that still smells of his baby sweetness and I napped, just like old times.

Ahh my precious angel son. I will love you and carry you in my heart always. Your blessing in our life carries on and on:) I felt you today, lying there on your pillow, telling me "mumumum" in my ear as I slept so I woke with a smile. Or was that due to S pulling up my eyelid saying "Bickie" are you in there? Wake UP!"

Yes, Jay came over to get S off the bus so I could rest, and there he comes making me wake with a smile. How could you NOT smile at that? Miss Kitty was full of smiles today too, playing in her room.

We got word today that the rumor of the orphanage increase fee is true, but also that the grant that was applied to Chloe's adoption is covering the difference. PHEW! What a blessing!! How do you say "sorry can't afford you?" Thank God we won't have to worry about saying those words:) We also heard that we should be getting our Letter of Acceptance "soon." I will get excited when I see it, not till then, and our travel is still unknown based on when we get this. Obviously, the longer it takes, the later we go. Chinese New Year factors in there too, it's Jan 26th. How do you say "God's timing?" Very often in my world:)

I am going to share a little about our boys and how they are doing. S is settled in well, he is the more typical autistic one, if you must label him. He has some really fun quirks, he will not wear long sleeves without a fight, he doesn't mind a muscle undershirt and jacket so we have paired those with his short sleeved shirts with good success so far. He won't wear black either. Hates sock, they come off as quick as possible and only will wear spiderman pj's, we have 4 pairs now- so we are good to go:)

He is bright but will try to let on like he doesn't hear you/doesn't understand to try to get his way:) Ha ha, that's been tried on me before many times, so I caught on to that quick. When mad he tells me I am "fired" (I thanked him- what can I say, it was a rough morning) and when he hates my food he calls it crabby patties. He says "aye aye sir" when he is willing to do something and "NEVER" when he isn't likely to comply. He loves popcorn. He is a good hugger, he is fascinated by my fluffiness and jiggles my belly so I have another good reason to have it, to entertain him:)

H is younger. He has some issues no one seems to be able to pinpoint. He is a cute kiddo, he has the biggest eyes:) He is very good listening to the rules, he says "we don't do that here, right mom, right?" but his retention is an issue, he need redirected often, I am working on lying with him, he seems to understand not to lie, but he will admit to doing something he didn't do too???
Him and Kat are quite the pair, being the same age. In some way she is WAYYY ahead of him, but she is a girl and they are more mature at this stage. Some of his issues are normal 5 year old stuff. He has also settled in well and his behavior is tremendously better. He has responded very well to routine and I think both boys are able to follow along with Cam and Kat and watch what they do, see how it's done here and it is more like a school setting here with the 4 of them and they all follow along.

I told all the kids as they coughed and sniffled all night long, they won't share toys but they sure shared a cold with one another. I had an appointment yesterday and when I came home Kat had tissue plugging up her nostrils. I asked if her nose was bleeding (she gets nose bleeds in the winter fairly often) and she said "no it was running and I stopped it." Okay then, who needs to blow, just plug it on up. She looked hilarious.
That's about it for today, many loads of laundry, kiddos in bed and a tired momma. Off to bed, oh wait, I think there's a cougher already claiming space in MY bed ahhhhh........... night night.......

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