Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

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Here it is, the big day. It started at 6 am, yes, before dark, Cam woke up S knowing once he is up, everyone is up. Rotten boy. (ours, not S) So it was not even light out and we hauled our tired selves downstairs for them to go nuts.

S took one look and back up he went. He was talked into coming back for one gift opening then he went off again. He opened most in his room:) Too much excitement for him. Everyone else went hog wild and in 21 minutes had it done.

We told Mal her savings had to be transferred and was able to surprise her with a laptop, that was what she was saving for:) A nice one, a great deal. Very happy we could pull that off. Donovan got a guitar, he was very happy with that. All in all a good year, fun for all and huge blessings for us to say "Yeah, remember that year that Camden nearly took out the tree with Kat's pogo stick?"

Merry Christmas, enjoy the pictures of our day.

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