Friday, December 26, 2008

In Honor of Tristan

A Tribute to our son, Tristan
12-26-07 to 10-08-08

Our Precious boy should be turning one today,
But instead you have gone away.

Up to heaven you went,
Only 9 months and 12 days on this earth you spent.

Oh, but the many precious memories we have,
It heals our wounded hearts like a salve.

Your smiles, your coos, your love we felt,
The amazing fight you had with the hand you were dealt.

We loved you so much it was hard to let go,
But our love for you helped us to grow.

To love one another and not take for granted,
The many, many seeds that your life planted.

Seeds to grow and spread the joy of your short time here,
A tribute to your life and not to live in fear.

To love openly and much, to enjoy our lives, to share,
For we never know how long we have to care.

In honor of you we will celebrate your day with cake and fun,
Balloons and a candle to celebrate you turning ONE.

You will forever be our angel baby boy,
And when we see you again it will be with joy.

We’ll NEVER forget you baby,

Daddy and Momma

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Somewhere In The Sun said...

Oh Vickie, I had no idea that you lost a child. Tristan was so beautiful! What a sweet angelic face. I'm so sorry that he is no longer with you.