Monday, December 29, 2008

How do you say LOA??

WHOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO- LOA, Letter of Acceptance for our Chloe girl! She is ours, our girl, China says so, it's official!!
Can't rain on my parade today but to update all, next is Travel Approval (about 3-5 weeks to wait for that) then we GO! Off to China, to get our girl, yep, going to China, off we go, to China, to bring our Chloe home!
Blessings abound, we are so incredibly thankful!
2009 the Year of CHLOE:) I can't wait to hug you, my precious, precious daughter...


Lori Lynn said...

You have been waiting soooooo long! Congratulations! I cannot wait to hear of your travel dates to bring her home.

Lori W

themommie said...

CONGRATS Thats awesome, I know how excited you must be. Not much longer now .....themommie

Jen, Dave, Leah and Daniel said...

Yay! I read almost every day and have been waiting to see those beautiful letters :)
Bring on the TA!

Tamara said...

We are sooooo happy for you!!! Can't wait to follow this journey to China!

Mission To Macie said...

YES!!!! finally huh?

congrats congrats congrats!!!

can't wait to follow your journey

Jill and Macie

Happy New Year!