Thursday, December 4, 2008

Funny boy

Mini Male Me is my nickname for my little male clone. He looks so much like me as a child it's scary sometimes. Same hair color exactly ( thank you Miss Cla*rol I owe you BIG time), my eyes, my face shape, my nose. He also has my raised eyebrow ( just one) down pat. That's the " you are in BIG trouble look" and he thinks he is funny he can do it right back to me.

We took S out to the bus this morning, reminding the boy he BETTER behave- he threw a MAJOR fit yesterday after school was over and he wanted to stay longer since he missed so much from the holiday. He spit, cried, yelled, it was UGLY. He fell asleep then on the couch. Phew. Things like too many days off school can really throw him off. I was praying for some patience, that is not my favorite behavior to cope with.

Anyway, Camden was reminding me of the year we had decided it was time to do some yard remodeling, about 4 years ago. We put in a lovely pond- 90 gallon with the flowing water coming off the fake fountain at the top with a frog spitting. Fish in it, plants all around it, it has been a source of much pleasure for us and the background for many pictures, such as Kat's:)

But the first year it went in, I was on the swing on the phone when he tipped a rock at the edge and IN HE WENT. Not even thinking he could STAND as he flipped around I freaked out. Of course. I threw the phone and ran to him. He was more scared than hurt, he was 4 and tall so it's doubtful he would have DROWNED but I KNOW he took years off my life.

So today as we walk past to go to the bus, he mentions it. I said "yeah, you took at least 6 YEARS off my life that day" and what does he say????? " Oh, does that mean you are like 32 or 34 or something?" Talk about FUNNY!!!! I had to explain to him then that I meant he made it sooner I was going to DIE, he was not impressed with that, so I went on to tell him it was just a saying, it didn't mean anything, like driving me up a wall was not me taking the car and going up the wall :)

It proves 3 things,

1. My kids really do think I am under 40 still, even after I told them different, they are subtracting years instead of adding since I turned 40- they have real issues with my age that I don't have:)

2. My kids take everything I say literally. You have to watch everything you say. They are baby elephants, they have HUGE ears and they hear everything and repeat it at the worse times possible.

3. Kids are the most fantastic little comedians, they are so sweet and fun, no wonder I like them so much. Even with their fits and troubles, children are such a fantastic gift from God, He wants us to cherish and ENJOY them.

We enjoy ours, all of them, that's for sure. Even that one in China, 91 days and still waiting for her. I'll wait as long as I have to. She will be totally worth the wait, of this, we are very SURE!
Got room for one more girl to snuggle there Baba?

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Tamara said...

to funny Vicki- my kids take things literally as well-
they are not reindeer- because
"it's not raining mommy- not reindeer"
Keeping my fingers crossed for that LOA and a speedy TA.