Saturday, December 13, 2008

Century Club

100 Days waiting for Chloe. WOW> never dreamed we would be sitting here. With Kat we got Travel approval ( there was no Letter Of Acceptance (LOA) to wait on with her) at 72 days they said come and get and and we got her. That was that. Now you sit and wait and wait and then get LOA which is good, but a tease also, a 3-4 week follows to get TA. Just to add to your anxiety level.

It used to be that a 100 day wait from logged was the exception, you looked at people who were waiting that long and pitied them. Now it's the norm, you are happy to get there 'cause you know you are getting close. Sad. But for whatever reason we are hanging in there and will see an end soon, we hope.

What happened in my life today, you ask. Okay no one asked but I am telling you 'cause I was so darn mad this morning it took all I could to stay patient. I was up before the kids, they were up shortly thereafter. They had food, first on the agenda, of course. The little guy said and I quote " today is another day and I can try again, huh mom?" Yeah, yesterday was pretty rough with him. He was not listening to much of anything and went to bed early for hitting Kat in the head with a toy on purpose.

So what does he decide to do today????? Mind you this is a FIVE year old. Kat is 5! She wouldn't DREAM of doing this. He was supposed to be sitting and watching cartoons, the Christmas tree was obstructing my view of him and within 2 minutes of me telling him to sit and watch TV, he took off up stairs, climbed on the top bunk bed and jumped off onto Camden, knocking him into a dresser and cutting his leg, bruising his arm bad enough that I was not immediately sure it wasn't broken. And then he tells me he did it "ON PURPOSE." "Why?" I asked, no reason, just "on purpose."

He was not being snotty or mad or malicious when he answered just quietly said "on purpose." Boy Oh Boy. So I informed him he was sitting on the couch and would be in my sight at all times so that he could not hurt anyone else. He sure doesn't make himself like able doing things like that. I was surprised he didn't LIE, hey, we are making progress, huh? Not sure what direction that progress is going but he didn't lie. I worry, not that he is normally violent, he is just impulsive which can lead to reckless but the other kids don't care to be hurt and they will not want to play with him at all which will not be good. This child must understand how to behave with children, it is very important he get this NOW, while he is little.

Again, fostering special needs is not for the weak at heart. The rewards can be wonderful, Hearing "Bickie, Camden made a castle, come on" when no else gets full sentences out of the bigger boy, and when he did not feel good and he laid his head on my fluff and just cried, I felt so bad he asked for "medicine" thinking it would make him better, but he had a bug and was over it very fast with no medicine at all. We have seen probably 75% better behaviors with both boys so that is amazing in 5 weeks. But the 2 steps back after 1 step forward is still hard to take. I pray a lot for them both.

Everyone is still snotting around and sharing some stomach/nausea crap, hoping they get it all out for the holiday to be a good one:) I took Derrik and helped him Christmas shop last night, so he is done. I am almost all done but for a few small things and then there's all that wrapping- I am trying to figure out just when to do it! That's always the hardest thing, finding the time for it.

Donovan is in the kitchen trying to learn to cook, I think he removed the smoke detector before he started, always a bad sign:( Better go check up on him before he burns the house down............ mom's worse, children, fire.

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