Friday, December 19, 2008

All I want for Christmas is....

LOA please. I said please. Day 106 and no word. Other than someone else logged in on the SAME day as us got theirs. Pouting here, not fair. I want LOA. All I want.

What have I been up to? Well, I wrapped gifts next door at Derrik's so I had some peace and quiet- wow. Weird. I have almost everything ready. We have schedule worked out for visits for parents of the boys to allow us a break over the 13 days off these wonderful, joyful, children have off in a row. Actually I threatened to be hauled off to a rubber room if someone didn't give me some time away from the 4 of them with 13 days off. A saint I am not. No way. Not going there.

Big Bro Jay was kind enough to take Cam and Kat off for a much needed break for them, playing video games and pizza, they are thrilled. They too, must tolerate the behaviors of the boys and I know they needed and deserved a break tonight, they are very tolerant and helpful, which can be hard, sharing your mom, dad, house, toys, rooms.

I gave Kat a little snip of a HAIRCUT this week, she had her head shaved right before she came to us 2 years ago. Terrified of haircuts. I have trimmed bangs as her uneven hair grew in, then we had the unfortunate "poster putty" incident. Needless to say, her hair has grown amazingly long, but the ends were scraggly looking and her bangs too long. I considered leaving the bangs grow out but she is too young for that, she constantly has hair in her eyes. I can't stand that.

So I trimmed her bangs and the back. She was very happy, but wanted to keep the 1 1/2 inches of hair to "pet it" that I cut. Strange girl.

H has a bummed up head, guess Cam paid him back for the "jump off the bed and dive bomb Cam incident." I think it was more of an accident, H thought it would be super for Cam to carry him on his back and when Cam tried it, fully expecting him to be like little 30 pound Kat, he was overwhelmed with 56 pound H and dropped him. He got rug burn on his forehead, mainly since Cam tried to keep a hold of him and didn't dump him, he slipped to the floor. So they both sport some bruises now. I told them to take it easy on the boo boo's, I can't keep them in band aids and I hate the ER:)

We went to the Christmas program for S. I had a terrible time getting him in a dress shirt, tie and vest, he hated it. He was so mad at me he went to Kat's room, since I was in his and he couldn't pout in there and when I went to get him from Kat's room he was on the fuzzy pink play phone telling the police " Bickie BAD" and firing me. WOW. He is so funny. He was not very well behaved for the program, but if he had to misbehave, at least he looked great doing it.

It was worth him being mad and calling the "police" on me. I did get one answer to a puzzle of him. he would tell me he was telling Mr. Wilson on me. Well, I had no idea this was his gym teacher and I have always just said " okay, you tell him!" Wow, I'll bet Mr. Wilson knows more about "Bickie" than he EVER wanted to know :)
Anyone else's kids playing with the empty wrapping paper roll for HOURS and making you wonder what they NEED toys for?

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Keisha said...

Hey Vickie,
It was good to catch up with what's been going on! I'll be praying for that LOA!!!!
Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!