Monday, November 17, 2008

Still here, still sane, I think

I am so amazed how quickly time flies by. We are nearing the Thanksgiving season. We are at Day 72 logged in for Chloe. No word. I think if we get our LOA ( Letter of Acceptance) around 90's days it will be the first week of December. Then 3 weeks or so to get the TA (Travel Approval), then to schedule our consulate appointment, arrange travel and off we go, in JANUARY.

My sadness of not having her here for Christmas is MINE. She does not know of Christmas, she may be better off ( hate to say that) to not come during the chaos of Christmas time as it would be hard for her to know how to fit in during that time, with everything going on. This way it will be quiet and we will have many days to get to know each other and spend with Kat, while it is cold outside and not much goes on.

Truly it will be amazing to have her home, the timing is not in our hands, so we will rejoice when we have her, no matter when that is. We want her as a part of our family, we will accept the timing as it is. And in the meantime, love her from afar. NOT that I wouldn't pick up and go tomorrow if they gave me the go- ahead!

The new boys are doing well. Great reports from school. Only, the older one likes it here so much he doesn't want to GO to school. Was told that was NEVER an issue, but he bounds out of school, thrilled to be coming home. I think it has more to do with the cupcakes I made him than me:)

My mom has been sick, in the hospital for over a week now. She is on the mend, but it has been hard to leave the boys for any length of time to get to see her. We are keeping things as low key as possible for now, they do not do well with change and they are very used to me being here at home with them and do not like me being gone anywhere. Miss Kat is pretty much the same, she can't tolerate her momma gone for long either.

It has been spitting snow, as we say in these parts, for a few days now, a hint of what's to come. Baba is fighting the huge tree in our yard that drops leaves from October till January, he thinks just to annoy him:) Life is pretty busy here, the days go by and I can mark one more off toward our precious girl coming home with each passing day. We have much to be thankful for, this season of blessings.

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