Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Random thoughts, all I have left

This post is going to be my random thoughts on things. So if I bore you, move on.

After 4 days of 2 kids with autism and no school for anyone, I am nearly bleary eyed. I haven't cried for our baby once, so be careful of what you pray for. (I prayed to be so busy I would not have time to cry) So as I got my wish and I got to really know these new kiddos, I can see some major issues they face. They clearly have 2 very different forms of autism. I am reading and learning all I can about it. I feel we are helping them to settle in well, we have had none of the behaviors we were told existed, but then we are still in the "honeymoon phase" and we are learning about them and they about us:)

They both seem very responsive to direction and are very happy about being here. I think a big part of that is toys, playmates, cupcakes and fun:) I am determined to wear them out to get everyone to sleep good each night and so far we have done it with minimal TV time. Not an easy task either.

S likes to call me sister for some reason and when I made him mad this morning with a BLACK shirt to wear to school ( not sure why black was so horrible) he told me to " go to my kitchen". Wow how mean:) He cracks us up.

H require redirection and supervision almost constantly. He blares out the MOM often and tells me EVERYTHING everyone is doing. We had to work on that fast, I can't handle knowing it all:) He is a handful. Cute as a bug, big eyes and long eyelashes:)

Cam got sick of being called Cameron, being followed and begged for some time alone- he got it and I didn't even hoist him up on the roof:) But the little one did sit at the door of the bedroom and cry, I told him "forget it, that doesn't work here." If Kat can't pull that and get away with it, does he really think I will fall for it from him? HA.

Mal has decided on her senior project, not due till next year, but we are going to start early asking for help to have anyone who wants to make a child blankey ( 1 1/2 yard of kid material, 2 layers of batting, 1 1/2 yard fleece or something warm on the other side, tied or quilted a little and sewn together.)

We need 30 of them for bundles she is going to make for foster kids coming into care. So many come with so little she wants to give them things they can feel good about getting and keep to take back home if they get to return home. She will be doing her required hours in getting donations of items for the bundles ( pillows, pillowcases, journals or note books, pens, pencils, toothpaste, toothbrush, stuffed animal, socks, pjs.) We have an offer of the toothbrushes and toothpaste already:)

She will donate these to the county foster care that places about 30 kids a year. IF you can donate a blanket, we need 18 boy oriented, 12 girl. PLEASE, let me know so we get the right ones made. If you can sew and need us to provide the material e-mail me. I can not sew, although I can hand stitch so I will be assembling a few blankets myself and asking Grandma to finish them. Sewing machines and I are not friends. I will work on boy ones.

We got pictures today of Chloe, through our agency so we can't share them:( but she is soooooo gorgeous. WOW. I see her smile and know it is for us. I hope I can see that smile in person SOON, my Christmas tree went up this past weekend, I love to have it up early so it is done. Then if I needed to travel I could. But most likely that will not happen till Jan and I am trying to remain patient. We sent a box and a short note saying I will be there, no matter how long it takes, she is our daughter, there is no way I will NOT come for her. I hope it gives her a measure of comfort to read those words and know how we feel.

Otherwise we are well, just watching the leaves fall and enjoying our life:) Make each day count.

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Lori Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing. I actually find it very interesting to read about foster care and dealing with special issues.

I cannot wait to read about Chloe.

Lori W