Wednesday, November 5, 2008

One Answer

Ask and ye shall receive. An answer, what is next for us. Not the trip to Chloe- insert a sigh here, but 2 yep, TWO children came to us. Brothers that both have varied degrees of autism. One goes to regular school and one to a special school. They are Cam and Kat's ages so they are THRILLED, they have been asking for kids "their" ages to play with.

I KNOW Kat is going to be unhappy when she realizes the little one is her age and goes to SCHOOL. She informed me the other day that she was 5 now, as if she should be packing up her backpack and heading off to school each day, HELLO- MOM. She does not understand "next year". Yikes. Cam was spoken to about how his behavior can help/hurt these guys, that they react differently than normal and that may not be used to our routine of meals, playtime, bathtime, bedtime etc. He looked at me and said "WHY NOT" as if he was so shocked that all children did not have OUR routine in their lives. I had to laugh.

They all 4 piled around the sink this morning, as we tried to get the older one to brush teeth without success, I realized it's like I now have triplets, age 5 and Camden, age 8 is the leader. He is doing very well, I am quite proud of him, in fact, for taking on the "big brother" role and taking it so seriously. He is a caring and great kid.

Jay has been visiting and is leaving soon, isn't he a handsome dude? I have some really cool sons, since I don't mention them as often as the "girls", I don't want any of them to feel left out.

I borrowed our first foster girl's baby yesterday and loved on that boy:) It was soooo nice to have a baby in my arms again, even a borrowed one:) We enjoyed his smiles, his cooing, he is one pleasant little guy, and we took a nap, ohhh to have a little one curled around me was a gift. Not replacing our little man, just reminding me and allowing me to heal a little.

I still yearn for our Chloe too, I feel like someone took a part of my heart and stowed it away in China. I think of her constantly, I want her to be with us. But that is God's timing too. I'm just waiting and now BUSY:)

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Andi68 said...

So nice to see a pic of Jay. What has he been doing lately?
Just reading about your life makes me tired.:0
Take care