Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's cold here!

BRRR. It's really cold here. Snow fell yesterday, as pretty as it is, it made the roads slippy and we were happy to stay in:) Kat and Camden love the snow, they stick out their tongues and try to "get a drink" as Kat says.

We got a package yesterday, it came with a huge sheet of bubble wrap, the BIG bubble kind. I wish I had been able to get my camera out fast enough to catch the kids, all 4 of them dancing on the bubble wrap, having the BEST time ever. Cheapest fun I have seen in a long time:) They had a blast for about 4 minutes till they were sure they did not miss ONE pop. The giggles were just priceless.

We decided to do something fun for Chloe. We are writing little notes saying things we can't wait to do with her when she is home. We are going to fold them, put them in a bag with instructions for her to take one out each day and read it. It will help her feel closer to us, help her English skills, and there will be more notes than there are days till we go get her so she will have that to look forward to:) I plan to do 100 and say a HUGE prayer it is not longer than that. We will send it with the Christmas box we are getting ready.

Many prayers were answered for us this week when we had someone stop in to give us the ENTIRE amount of the funeral costs for the baby to be paid. A local agency that helped us during his passing felt we should not be burdened with those costs, even though we accepted him as our son and were going to pay them. So this agency came up with the funds so we were not taking money away from our savings for Chloe.

Our foster agency does not have funds for funerals of foster children, something we plan to try to change. But for us, the funeral home did an amazing job in his memorial service then cut their cost to the lowest amount that shocked us how low it was. It was a terrible situation, b-mom had nothing, the agency made it clear they couldn't pay for it, and what do people do in this instance? We did not know.

We are very thankful these people who only met us through the death of our precious boy felt compelled to help us honor this baby and his life and give him a proper service. We were so honored to be his family, as you can see from his picture, we adored him. He was such an inspiration to us all. We deeply miss him and will for some time.

On a happier note my mom is home and getting well. The new boys are doing really well, listening great and are calming down with the structure and rules they are being given. I think sometimes a child with autism is looked at as "slow" but the older one is quite bright. He can listen. He has typical autistic behaviors but he is also workable to keep those behaviors from being offensive. The younger one is also good, he just need redirected and rewards of a tiny candy kiss go a LONG way with these guys:) Spoken from the QUEEN of chocolate:)

Leaving you with pictures of our silly Miss Kat in her Yo Gabba Gabba shirt, she really enjoys that silly show.

That's our week in review...........

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