Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I think I have to chalk this Thanksgiving up to one of new things and fun. We were blessed to have one of our Chinese friendship students need to stay with us for the break at college. He invited some friends to dinner and they were so sweet, they went and got shrimp among other things to add to our dinner.

Let's just say we think we will add it to our table every year now, as Kat LOVES shrimp. She ate more of that than anything :) And what was our guests "English" names?? Chloe and Enjoy. Could that have been a little sign?? I think so. If we couldn't have OUR Chloe it was fun to have another for the day:) A beautiful Chinese girl and her boyfriend named Enjoy.

Our student "Will" played the violin for us after dinner, he has played since he was 4 1/2 years old, he is 20, so imagine how good he is! It was really neat. He is so talented. He kept me busy during the tedious dishes by talking with me and we talked of the differences between cultures, countries, how he wants to help Chloe learn when she comes, and we will be able to CALL her while he is here :) I am soooo excited.

We had a big day for our new boys. They went with mom for lunch and dad for supper. They were very excited and seemed to have a good day. The older one said to me tonight. "Bickie, I need to talk with you", he is amazing at times how much he is able to tell you. Other times he is so wrapped up with his autism he is unable to tell you anything. So I was tickled I got a whole sentence from him. And I wasn't even "sister" this time :)

The little guy was in a little dress shirt with a vest and as cute as could be for pictures, I took of them with their mom and then their dad for the photo book. I make each child a photo book of their time here and give it to them when they go home so they have good memories of us. Our older one was not too happy with the pictures but he was dressed up in a sweater, he is NOT fond of long sleeves, something we have learned of him, and he refused to smile.
Dad, Will, Mal and friend are off to Black Friday shop, like a bunch of nuts, mom is staying here with the kids and SLEEPING, like a sane person :)

We feel very blessed and VERY thankful for it as our Thanksgiving 2008 comes to a close, the children are in bed and talking about Christmas already.........

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